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About us

At Monkoodog, we have the vision to create a community that will connect the world through our mutual love of dogs. We understand your concern and care for your pet and we want to make the task easier for you with our helpful tips and carefully planned guidelines. Learn how to take care of your beloved pet in the best possible manner through our vast pool of resources compiled just for you-educational and informative videos, inspiring stories of other dog lovers and their pets and much more to help you understand your dog better. At the Monkoodog office, we are all dog lovers and we sure love a woof.


A pet is no less than a child. It needs your attention, care and love. We have a vision to enrich the life of your pet and yours by giving you a much needed helping hand. We wish to promote responsible pet ownership through our reliable tips on dog training, grooming and keep a check on your dogs day to day needs and its growth for a healthy friendship.


Be a compassionate activist for dogs. Foster a pet-friendly environment around us. Build a community that’s not only sympathetic, but empathetic to animals. Build a sustainable life for pets by helping them overcome specific challenges. Help pet owners understand their role better.


To give pets a safe abode where they can thrive. To fight for the welfare and rights of pets. To bring together a community of pet lovers who truly care about their little friends.