Urinary Tract Infection: All About You Need to Know About UTI in Dogs.

Is your little furry friend urinating more than usual? 

Are you witnessing him/her frequently running outside to empty the bladder? 

Is your dog whining or crying while peeing? 

Does it look like from his/her facial expressions that he/she is feeling immense pain while urinating? 

Do you notice blood in your dog’s Urine? 

Well, if either of the above is relatable, get attentive. Your dog might be having UTI, i.e., Urinary Tract Infection. 

Urinary Tract Infection is an excruciating and potentially dangerous condition in dogs.UTIs are painful and uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst. You need not worry; though it is serious, it can be cured. Just have a little patience.

If your dog is not showing any of the things listed above, you need to be attentive. If, in case very, unfortunately, you face the symptoms in your dog in the future, you will know how to deal with it. All dog parents must read it.

What is Urinary Tract Infection?

common infections in dogs
UTIs are the most common infections in dogs. Source: smalldoorvet.com

Urinary Tract Infection is pretty common in small animals. Almost 30% of dogs end up having UTI at least once in their lifetimes. It is an infection caused mostly by bacterias or pathogens, e.g., E.Coli, and sometimes by viruses and fungi in the urinary tract of dogs.

Mostly the bacterial UTI results from bacterias ascending the external genitalia and urethra. In rare cases, these bacterias travel through the bloodstream and spread the infection through the whole urinary tract resulting in UTI.

UTIs can develop in the bladder, the Kidney, or the prostate. To detect the exact location of the UTI, the Vet does a wholesome laboratory test along with imaging and examination.

Mostly, these infections can be cured with an appropriate diagnosis and medication. Once cured, they do not cause any permanent damage. Sometimes, symptoms of UTI can also indicate some other health condition such as tumor or cancer. If you remain a little diligent and observant, you can save your dog from bearing this pain ever.

But first, you need to know the symptoms that can be indicative of UTI.


You really need to observe your pet to catch any of the symptoms listed below.

  1. Frequent Urination by your dog- Your dog will need to go to frequent Urination; it will always run to go outside. By frequent Urination, we mean more than usual times he/she urinates. It will be more than usual, so you will end up noticing.
  2. Dripping Urine- Your Dog might not pee properly, and there might be only a few drops of Urine even when they will feel like peeing so much. They won’t be able to because of the pain, so they will deal with a constant feeling of urinating and a full bladder but not empty their bladder.
  3. Loss of bladder control- UTIs make it hard for the dogs to control their bladder, and they might end up urinating at any place. They won’t be able to hold on, and it won’t be their fault if they end up peeing inside the house, at the unusual places where they never peed before.
  4. Strong smell in your dog’s Urine- In this case, you will encounter a strong foul smell in your dog’s Urine which is not the case usually. The Urine will smell beyond toleration. Don’t worry. You need not deliberately go and smell the Urine; the smell would be so high that you would end up realizing it without trying.
UTI JRT potty accident
UTI may be present in your dog way before you start noticing symptoms in your dog. Source: toegrips.com
  1. Presence of blood in the Urine- You can encounter a few blood drops in the Urine of your dog. This is rare but not unusual. Sometimes RBCs come up in the Urine and hence the blood.
  2. Dogs feel immense pain while urinating- In the case of UTI, dogs feel immense pain. The pain is sometimes so extreme that you can see it on their faces. They even whine and cry while urinating as it causes extreme pain to empty the bladder up.
  3. Cloudy Urine- The Urine of your dog will not be clear but cloudy. It will have a turbid appearance. It would be different from the usual.
  4. Fever- Your dog can encounter a high body temperature in extreme cases. They might catch fever because of the excruciating pain they deal with. It gives rise to their body temperature, and they catch the fever.
  5. Licking around the urinary opening- Dogs might lick around the urinary opening to find some relief from the pain. It is an indication that you take it seriously as they might be dealing with UTI.
  6.  Increased thirst- Dogs encounter a sore throat and a zeal to drink water frequently. They will always be thirsty. They will drink more water than usual and will still be thirsty. Their water intake will increase to a noticeable level along with other symptoms.
  7. Lack of energy/ Lethargy- Your dog will not feel like playing and going outside. They will have very little energy than usual and will show lethargic symptoms. This is obvious because of the pain and discomfort. They won’t be active.
  8. Vomiting- In some cases of UTI, dogs even vomit as their digestion is not perfectly fine. Vomiting is sometimes even because of the pain and bacteria.
  9.  Loss of appetite- Dogs might not feel hungry and eat less food than usual. They encounter loss of appetite in UTI. The pain diverts their attention from food, and they no longer feel hungry.

While any of the symptoms above are not a sure sign of UTI, at least one of them is present in UTI. Observe your dog for a few days for any of the symptoms mentioned above or anything unusual.

If you catch any of the symptoms above, read on, it might help a little.


Urinary Tract infection
You should get your dog diagnosed for Urinary Tract infection as you start noticing symptoms.

If you catch any of the symptoms mentioned above, you need to take your dog to the Vet.

The Vet will first perform a Urinalysis. Urinalysis is basically an analysis of the Urine. It detects all the components present in the Urine, and the Vet can then analyze if anything unusual is present in the Urine. It will detect the presence of bacterias, viruses in the Urine. Urinalysis reveals almost everything to confirm the presence of UTI. 

Urinalysis is a test that detects the following things:

The Urine specific gravity shows how well the dog can concentrate its Urine. Urine-specific gravity compares the density of Urine to the density of water. It shows the health of kidneys. 

It determines the capacity of the dog’s kidneys in diluting the Urine. If the Urine is too concentrated, it suggests that the kidneys are not in good health or there is a lack of fluids in the dog’s body.

  1. Bilirubin- It shows the breakdown product of blood. The purpose is to detect any bilirubin present in the Urine. Bilirubin is present in the liver. Bilirubin plays a very important role in digesting food. If the liver is functioning perfectly fine, it eliminates all of the bilirubin from the body. 

But in some unfortunate cases, bilirubin is leaked into the Urine—its presence in the urine signals towards an unhealthy liver.

  1. Glucose- It shows the presence of sugar in the Urine. It also helps in detecting diabetes in dogs. The presence of a high amount of glucose in the Urine confirms the presence of diabetes, which itself provides a fertile ground for a lot of diseases.
  1. Ketones- The purpose is to measure the level of ketones in the Urine. Usually, for energy, the body burns glucose. But in case there is not enough glucose in the body to burn, it burns fat instead. 

The burning of fat by the body for energy produces ketones. Ketones can be present in both Urine and blood both. If the ketone levels are too high in the Urine, it indicates diabetic ketoacidosis. 

This is a complicated type of diabetes that leads to paralysis and sometimes even death. Detecting ketone levels helps in taking early action for your dog’s health before any kind of emergency.

Dog’s urine sample for UTI
Dog’s urine sample for UTI is being examined in the lab.
  1. pH- pH levels at certain points indicate the level of infection. The pH of the Urine is tested to detect the acidity or basicity of the Urine. There is a particular range of Urine’s pH, which is considered healthy. 

Too low pH signifies that the Urine is too acidic, and too high pH signifies that the Urine is too basic. In both too high and too low situations, there is a high possibility of developing bladder stones, which might give rise to urinary tract infections.

  1. Blood- In urinalysis, they try to detect all different kinds of cells that are present in the Urine. The blood cells, if present in the Urine, are detected by the same means.
  1. Protein- The presence of protein in blood is also detected in urinalysis. The presence of protein in the Urine signifies that the dog’s kidneys are damaged. When kidneys do not do their job of filtering Urine properly, some of the protein is leaked, and its presence can be detected with urinalysis. If protein is present in the Urine, it shows damaged kidneys.

Once the Vet has the results of urinalysis, they place the collected urine sample into a centrifuge to allow debris and cells to settle down at the bottom of the tube. These cells and debris are then evaluated by a vet under magnification. This examination reveals the presence of RBCs, WBCs, bacterias, etc.

This test can help in going further with the diagnosis. UTI is usually caused by Escherichia coli bacteria, commonly called E.coli. But, in a few cases, some other bacterias can be involved. Urinalysis reveals the type of bacteria involved. Once the Vet knows the bacteria, it will be easy for him/her to diagnose the infection properly. It will help suggest the appropriate antibiotics, supplements, and medications to treat the infection.

Usually, the vets immediately prescribe the most commonly used antibiotics to help in immediate relief. They even prescribe some painkillers to relieve dogs’ pain, as UTIs are painful. A diet change may also be recommended for fast recovery.

The vets recommend an appropriate course of medication to cure UTI. To ensure that your dog is cured, another urinalysis will be performed once the course of medication is completed and your dog is free of the symptoms you observed initially. Antibiotics mostly cure UTI, but if it persists, further tests and diagnosis will be required to deal with the disease. It might also indicate that the primary problem with your dog is his/her underlying health conditions rather than UTI.

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Recurrent UTI

Recurrent UTI

Recurrent UTI is when the dog experiences the infection more than thrice that too in just 12 months. This requires a deeper diagnosis than the normal ones to detect if it was a reinfection every time or a relapsing one.

Reinfection is an infection caused by a different organism than the previous one. It is altogether a new one, not one your dog dealt with previously. It occurs within 6 months of discontinuation of the antibiotics and treatment.

Relapsed infection is the one that is caused by the same organism again. The same bacteria or virus develop again and give rise to the UTI just the way your dog dealt with the last time. It also develops within 6 months of antibiotic discontinuation.

The situation of reinfection and relapse infection proves that some underlying condition in the body provides a fertile ground for the bacteria to redevelop again and again. The Vet performs a few deep tests to understand and detect the underlying health conditions. Post that, the Vet makes an effort to cure that particular disease first. It is very important to cure that underlying condition to prevent future infections.

If the infection is relapsed, there is a possibility that the diagnosis was not proper in the previous treatment. There was an inappropriate drug dose given which was less to cure the infection, or poor compliance with the medication was observed. 

Sometimes, after a little relief, we become careless and may skip the medications altogether, providing a fertile ground for the infection to find its roots again.

In rare cases, It might be the fault of drugs too. Some drugs may show high efficacy in vitro during trials but low efficacy in vivo practically, which doesn’t treat the infection in the first instance properly and provides ground for its relapse.

In case your dog has underlying health conditions, the treatment of the conditions will be a prerequisite. The Vet will subsequently treat the underlying health conditions to prevent the infection from relapsing again. Overall good health of your dog will decrease the possibility of UTIs or any sort of infections in the future.

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How to prevent UTIs?

It is not always your fault if your dog suffers from UTI. Many times, it is fate too. But to make sure things are okay on your end, you need to know a few things. Make sure to take care of a few things to avoid the disease altogether.

Usually, older female dogs are more prone to UTI. Also, if your dog suffers from diabetes, there are more chances he/she will catch UTI in the future. Work upon curing diabetes first.

Dogs who suffer from bladder stones are also more prone to develop the disease. Please ensure that you contact a vet to go through the process to remove bladder stones to avoid further bladder complications. The healthier the bladder Less will be the chances of developing UTI.

It is advisable to talk to your Vet and ask them a few things you need to take care of. They sometimes prescribe some medications and supplements to maintain the pH of the Urine and improve bladder health overall. Vets can recommend strategies that have proven to be effective with other dogs.

How to prevent UTI in your dog

In general, You can take care of a few things to avoid the infection in the future:

  1. Prostate disease.
  2. Presence of stones in Kidney.
  3. Presence of stones in the bladder.
  4. Cancer of the bladder.
  5. Tumors in the bladder.
  6. Stress.
  7. Spinal cord health and abnormalities.
  8. Incontinence and congenital problems.
  9. Bladder health.
  10. Bladder inflammation.
  11. Fungal infection.
  12. Crystals.
  13. Viral infection.

Is there anything you can do to avoid this disease ever in the future in your dog?

Well, the good news is yes.

  1. Make outdoor activities and exercise a norm for them- The more active your dog is, the more healthy he/she will be in all aspects.
  1. A healthy diet full of nutrition- Opt for a well-balanced, healthy diet. Feed them good quality canned food or switch to the all-natural raw diet. It would be best if you avoid processed foods in their diets. Also, try and avoid the self-proclaimed healthy canned foods for the time being. What goes into the body plays the most important role. Fee them good nutrition.
  1. Proper hygiene practises- Regular grooming practises, especially around the urinary opening and bathing, can prevent bacteria from entering the urinary system.
  1. Cranberry- Cranberry helps lower the Urine’s pH level, therefore preventing the development of bacteria in the bladder. But remember, you don’t want to feed your dog cranberry juice as it is high in sugar content; instead, feed them cranberry supplements that won’t have any side effects.
  1. Probiotics- Probiotics promote healthy bacterial growth. Goat’s milk can be a very good probiotic for a dog’s health. You can add it right on top of their food or give it to them to drink in a bowl. You can give goat’s milk to your little friend 5-6 times a day if they suffer from UTI. It will help in their speedy recovery and prevent the infection from developing further.
  1. Apple cider Vinegar- Feed apple cider vinegar to your dog. It helps lower the pH level of the Urine, and it helps decrease the chances of bacterial infection by neutralising the bad bacteria in the bladder.
How to save dog from urinary tract infection
  1. Vitamin C- You can add vitamin C supplements to your dog’s diet to acidify their urine, which will prevent the growth of bad bacterias in the urinary tract.
  1. Get them to drink a lot of water- The more your pup drinks, the more it has to go to the potty. Nothing can be better than water. It helps clean their bladder and decreases the chances of bacterial growth. Water helps them in flushing out all the bad bacterias inside their bodies. 

Be careful as sometimes the Vet suggests feeding a diet excessively full of sodium so that your dog will crave water. You do not need to feed your dog bad food to feed them the good one later. Just switch to an all-natural raw food diet, and they will naturally crave water. 

There is no need to feed them excessive sodium and create other health complications and problems in the long run as it can be a hazard in the future.

The focus should be on creating conditions that won’t be favourable to the bacterias. It’s always better to prevent the infection altogether than to treat it later. This way, you can avoid the pain that the disease brings and help your dog in living a healthy life altogether.

But just in case your dog is already dealing with a UTI, don’t panic. Pamper your dog, take them to the Vet immediately. Be very serious with the medications the Vet prescribes. And most importantly, worry not and spend more time with your little pet to make them feel better as they are already going through a lot.

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How Much Do Corgis Shed?

All of us know that Corgis is an intelligent dog. Anyone would LOVE to have a Corgis as their pet. Before bringing any dog home, we tell you how much hair this breed- Corgis shed? 

So, if you are here because you want to know how much hair or fur do Corgis Shed, this is going to be the perfect read for you! Read on! 

A Little About Corgis

Corgis are purebred dogs, initially bred to help herding cattles, sheeps, horses, etc. So, as you might have ascertained, it is a very smart and witty dog breed. 

It is very easy to train Corgis dogs and teach them various tricks. They become very comfortable with people around them and are easy to deal with. They fit into any household, regardless of the size- from a small apartment to a big house with a big garden. 

Corgis dogs usually weigh up to 30 pounds and have a height of up to 10 to 12 inches. They usually survive for 10-12 years. 

Why Do Corgis Shed?

Why Do Corgis Shed
Shedding is just a normal thing that is an essential part of the growth of the dog.

It is completely normal and healthy for dogs to shed. There is no need to worry if your dog is shedding hair all around the house or even on your favorite sweatshirt when you play with it. In fact, shedding is an essential part of the healthy growth of dogs. 

Dogs usually shed their hair to get rid of their dead or damaged hair. The hair that gets damaged for multiple reasons needs to be detached from the body. So, the dogs do it themselves. 

Only after this can they develop new fur that is healthy and fresh. This also helps to keep the dog’s skin healthy and in shape. 

The amount of hair that dogs shed depends on the breed they belong to, their size, what genetics they possess, the diet they follow, and their health in general. 

You must have heard that dogs shed the most during the shedding season. So, what is Shedding Season? 

What is Shedding Season?

For dogs that shed their hair during a particular season, you might have observed that this season is usually during spring and fall. 

In spring, which is right before the warm season, the dog’s body starts lightening the dog’s coat of fur. This is to prepare the dog’s body for the approaching summers. Similarly, in autumn, right before the winter season, the dog’s body starts thickening the fur coat to prepare for the approaching winters. 

So, in these instances, dogs shed their fur in higher amounts, and it is completely normal for them to do that. 

Do Corgis Shed?

Do Corgis Shed
Corgis have a thick coat of hair, which it regularly sheds.

Many people argue that ‘Hypoallergenic’ dogs don’t shed their hair at all. However, that’s not true at all. Firstly, no dog breed is a hundred percent hypoallergenic. This is a myth. And secondly, hair shedding is a completely natural process, and nothing can stop it from happening. 

You might have heard that breeds like Poodles and Maltese are hypoallergenic, which is not true. People usually argue that these dog breeds don’t shed their hair. However, this is not true at all. Yes, they do shed relatively less, but half of the hair shed is not visible because it gets lost in their curly fur. This doesn’t look at all mean ‘no’ hair shedding. 

Corgis, on the other hand, as you might have seen, have straight hair. As a result, you might observe a lot of hair around your house. Because their hair directly settles on the floor and doesn’t get stuck anywhere between the hair. So, yes, Corgis is a dog breed that sheds a lot. Corgis have a thick coat of hair, which it regularly sheds and then develops new hair to maintain its well-being. 

You might observe that the shedding has increased during shedding seasons (Spring and Autumn). As explained above, it is a natural process, and it is normal for Corgis to shed more during that time. 

So now, if you are a person who wants a fur-free home, all this might not sound the best. But you should know, there are always ways to reduce the amount of dog hair or fur you see around you.

How To Deal With Corgis Shedding?

Many of you might not consider Corgis the perfect breed for your pet because of the hair or fur fall. But hear us out before you start concluding things. As mentioned before, it is practically impossible for you to find a dog breed that doesn’t shed hair at all. So, what can be done to reduce the amount of hair and fur you see here and there on different objects in your home? Read on to know more! 

What happens with dogs is that the dead hair on their body causes irritation. So, to get rid of them, they usually tend to shake their body and get them off their fur coat. The trick is to brush away these dead hair before the Corgis do it themselves all over the house. Regular brushing for the fur coat of Corgis is very important for pet owners. Failing which, you might observe bad odor from the dog and even skin infections on the pet’s body. 

You can even invest in a decent vacuum if you are in a position to afford it. 

However, a Corgis owner must be very particular about their pet’s brushing schedule. If a proper brushing schedule is followed, you will not face many issues with the hair and fur all over your house. 

Bathing Before Brushing

Bathing Before Brushing
Bathing a Corgi before brushing makes the process of grooming for you easy.

This is a tip especially for the shedding season. However, you may choose to follow this regularly also. You should always opt to take your dog for a bath before you brush them. You might be wondering, why so?

Basically, bathing your dog helps loosen the dead hair attached to its body. This makes the process of brushing easy for you since the dead hair easily gets detached without much effort. So, giving a bath to your dog before you start brushing its fur might prove to be a very good and effective grooming step. 

More importantly, when you brush your dog’s body, you will be able to closely observe its skin regularly and keep a check on any infections or ticks that might develop in the furor on the hair. If you follow any bumps or bruises on the dog’s body, you should always consider paying a visit to a veterinary doctor for consideration and treatment. 

Now you would have a question in mind: How often do I give my dog a bath? Usually, during the shedding season, giving a bath once a week should work perfectly well for Corgis. 

One should always take care of the shampoo they are using to clean the dog; it should not affect the dog’s skin. Investing in high-quality products, in this case, would be a wise investment. 

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Corgis Diet And Shedding

As we had quoted above, diet also plays a considerable role in the shedding process of dogs. So, another way in which you can control the shedding of fur is by taking proper care of the diet that the dog consumes. 

A good and healthy diet rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids is considered the best nutrition to manage hair shedding. Omega 3 are the essential oils derived from marine creatures (basically fish). These support the healthy growth of fur and coat on the body of the dogs. 

Omega 3 Fatty acids Fish Oil
Omega 3 Fatty acids Fish-Oil capsules.

There are various OMega 3 supplements available for pets. You can add these supplements to the pet food that you normally feed to the pet. There are also many high-quality pet foods that have high omega fat content. You can opt to go for these pet food options also. 

And it is very obvious to consult a veterinary doctor before you add any supplement to the dog’s food or change its dog food. The portions of supplements or dog food that need to be fed to the dog should be strictly recommended by a certified doctor only. Too many Omega Fat supplements can also cause harm to the dog. 

What If My Pet Starts Shedding Too Much?

People usually ask how to deal with the shedding when it becomes too excessive. This is when the shedding stops seeming ‘normal’ to you anymore. 

If you notice that your corgis are shedding way too much compared to normal, you should quickly check the dog’s skin. If there are any signs of infections or any other issues with the hair, you should reach out to the veterinary doctor as soon as you can to get proper consultation. Excessive shedding can be an indication of some health issue, so you should be a little careful and serious about this. 

Why can these issues arise? 

  1. You’re using a shampoo that doesn’t suit the dog
  2. Not brushing the fur enough
  3. The brush is not of the correct quality
  4. Hormone imbalance in the dog
  5. The dog is being kept in a stressful environment
  6. The dog is not being fed a good and balanced diet
  7. Parasitical or skin disease 

To reiterate, if you see that the shedding has become way too excessive, you should definitely consider taking your pet to a vet. 

Corgi Haircuts

You might also want to take your Corgi for a haircut to reduce the hair or fur fall problems. There are a lot of fashionable haircuts available for dogs, especially for the ones with long hair.

And even before you ask, yes, haircuts are absolutely safe for your pets if done with utmost care. The scissors or the blades used should not hurt the dog. Apart from that, it is absolutely safe for you to take your dog for a haircut. 

However, Corgi is not a breed with long hair. It just has short hair, which sheds a lot. So, a haircut might not be a very good option when it comes to Corgis. A lot of experts recommend that leaving Corgis’ hair as they are is possibly the best thing that the pet owner can do, obviously again, coupled with consistent brushing. 

corgi dog breed
Getting your corgi dog breed groomed on a regular basis also reduces hair fall problems.

You might have seen some Corgi Pet Parents have fun and cute cuts done on the bodies of their pets. On the one hand, these might look cool and are safe to an extent. But they are not a hundred percent safe for pets. The rasor used might cause permanent damage to the dog’s skin leading to permanent damage. As a matter of fact, the hair may never grow back in the shaved area. So, to conclude, it might not be a very good idea to get cool cuts done on your pet’s fur. 

However, getting your Corgi’s hair trimmed with scissors is not something that you need to worry about at all. You can definitely go ahead with this plan if you want to. This might, in turn, reduce the amount of hair they shed for a while, at least, till the hair grows back to the normal length. 

So, this is all about Corgis’ hair- the shedding and the remedies. Although it is a dog breed with a lot of fur shed, we should know it is an equally adorable and fun-loving dog breed and might be your perfect companion. After all, all of us have the little flaws that make us what we are! So, go ahead with bringing this furball to your home. Believe us; you can manage your little one really well! 

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Golden Doodle: Pet Care Guide

Like most “designer dogs,” the Golden Doodle is a hybrid dog breed resulting from mixing the Golden Retriever with the Poodle. This unique Doodle is not truly a pure breed but is a crossbreed. 

The Golden doodle inherits the best traits from its parent breeds, such as its affectionate nature, low shedding fur and being highly intelligence. They are the perfect loving companions both for seasoned as well as completely new pet parents. 

They are an adorable mix of qualities from both the Golden Retriever and Poodle and pack the ultimate combination of playfulness, smart wits and good looks.

Here are a few facts about the Goldendoodle dog breed that might interest you:

  1. Since it’s a hybrid dog breed and you can’t quite predict what percentage of characteristics from each parent they will end up getting, Goldendoodles come in different heights. Goldendoodles usually weigh between 50 and 100 pounds, and their height ranges from 20 to 24 inches tall at the shoulder.

2. They are a relatively new dog breed with their first appearance in America in the 1990s. Golden doodles are not an officially registered breed. They are considered to be “designer breeds” since both of their parents are unique purebred.

dog breed with their first appearance

3. Golden doodles don’t shed and are hypoallergenic, which makes them great for houses with family members with mild allergies and those who want to avoid constantly cleaning up after their pet’s hair shedding.

4. They are Natural Athletes and will make the best playmate or fitness companion. They are playful and energetic and would love to go on hikes and long walks with you.

5. Goldendoodles are very friendly and love to socialize. They are an ideal family pet since they become fast friends with children and other dogs or cats.

6. They have a calm demeanor. Although this makes them perfect for people who want a peaceful environment, they will not make the best watchdogs since they rarely bark.

7. Depending on which parent breed’s genes the Goldendoodle picked up in more percentage, the fur coat can vary from being straight, wavy, or curly. They can be cream, dark brown, orange, grey, black or even multicolored.

8. They make ideal Service dogs. The golden retriever’s obedience mixed with the Poodle’s intelligence gives them all the necessary qualities to make great service dogs. Their happy and charming demeanor is also a fit for therapy dogs.

Some More Facts

Goldendoodles are great for first-time or timid owners since they can be very easy to train. They don’t usually have any aggressive traits, but they do need proper socialization and daily contact with their owners as they are known to suffer from separation anxiety. 

They make excellent family dogs and are intelligent while at the same time providing gentle companionship. If you have a Golden doodle pup or are looking to get one, we have made this useful Goldendoodle Pet Care guide to help you out in the journey: 

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Choosing the puppy

Choosing the puppy

If you’re interested in getting a Goldendoodle puppy, understand that the size, looks or temperament aren’t as predictable as those of purebreds. They are not a good match if you’re looking for a watchdog. 

To get a healthy puppy, find a reputable breeder who tests all the breeding dogs for genetic diseases. These diseases might pass onto the puppies and ensures that the dog has sound temperaments. 

DO NOT buy a puppy from an irresponsible breeder or pet store. Choose a puppy with a moderate temperament. They should not be overly excited, or should they be hiding in a corner. 

1. Health:

Most Goldendoodles are generally healthy, but they can be prone to certain health conditionsof which you should be aware of.

Some health problems in the Goldendoodle include: 

  • Patellar Luxation
  • Ear Infections
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow DysplasiaProgressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease
  • Allergies
  • Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus
  • Hypothyroidism

The best way to prevent getting inherited diseases in your puppy is to get your puppy from a certified reputed breeder who runs health checks in the parent dogs. 

2. Grooming

  • The Goldendoodle is usually non-to light shedders but still requires regular grooming. Some owners prefer keeping the coat short by clipping it. You can do so by clipping every six to eight weeks otherwise grooming your dog once in a week is advisable. If you want the coat in its natural length, it should be brushed once every week or two.
  • Don’t over bathe your Goldendoodle or the coat and skin lose the necessary oils and moisture.
  • To avoid tartar buildup and prevent gum diseases and bad breath in dogs. Brush your puppy’s teeth atleast 3 times a week with dog toothpaste. See: 
  • To prevent nail problems and painful tears, trim nails once or twice a month. 
  • Since they are prone to ear infections, ears should be examined weekly. Look for redness or a bad odor. Additionally, wipe the ears out with a cotton ball dampened with gentle, pH-balanced ear cleaner if they are too dirty.

3. Feeding

Divide the high-quality dry food into multiple meals of the day, depending on your dog’s size.

Since they can suffer from gastric torsion or bloat, they should be fed several small meals per day instead of one large one. Monitor weight regularly and ensure they are not overweight

4. Training and Care

  • Goldendoodle requires early socialization and exposure to different experiences, people, sights, sounds when they’re young. Socialization helps discourage any shyness or timidity.

You can enroll your pup in a puppy kindergarten class. Take them to dog parks and allow them to meet your friends and invite visitors. 

  • Since they’re prone to separation anxiety, the best way to avoid any destructive behavior is to crate train them. Give toys and treats to keep them busy. Keep the radio on when you’re going out to keep them distracted and happy. 
  • They have an average energy level, and you need to exercise them for 20-30 minutes daily. 
  • Goldendoodle should be trained with positive reinforcement since harsh punishments can damage their confidence.

With proper training and care, your Goldendoodle will become a well-rounded dog with many positive qualities in no time.

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10 Movie Star Dogs – Barking some theatrics

A man’s best friend can also do some acting jobs. In this article, we would look at some of those canine characters that tickled us, scared the crap out of us, or left us teary-eyed which they do almost every time. 

These barking hounds made their cinematic impression in a very memorable way and that too, without making a mess out on the carpet. Starting with our number 10 –

10. Sam – I am legend (2007)

I Am Legend, movie poster. Source: IMBD

As the whole family attempts to rescue the survivors from the New York City ravaged by a deadly virus, the held breath is let out because the dog survives. Sam plays the beloved family dog, who sticks by Will Smith and becomes his raison d’etre. Of Course, we were all left teary-eyed when some infected dogs bit Sam. No hate on them; they had a part to play too.

  • So, who really played Sam?
  • Abbey, the German, was 3 years old at thetime.
  • Living with her trainer, Steve Berens, Abbey is enjoying retirement with Steve’s daughter and her own kids.
  • Abbey was trained in 3 months for the camera despite having no training foundation.
  • A fast learner
  • Along with I am Legend, Abbey went on to work in many movies.

9. Cujo – Cujo (1983)

Cujo, released in 1983. The movie was about a mother and her son saving themselves from a rabid St. Bernard. Source: themoviewaffler.com
  • It seems like everything was deadly in the 80s, and dogs were no exception. After being bitten by a rabid bat, this once human-loving sweetheart goes on a human-killing spree. 
  • The cutest part was that despite the terrible role being imposed on them, the dogs looked anything but scary in real life, with the filmmakers having to tie down their tails to stop them from wagging happily.

So, who really played Cujo the first?

  • Cujo the first, suffered an untimely death due to an infection post production.
  • Cujo would bark at the camera on command and learnt to run on predetermined tracks.
    Wondering if the Bernard really rammed his head into the car? Don’t worry. It was a man in a dog suit.

8. Hooch – Turner and Hooch (1989)

Turner and Hooch is a comedy movie on an American cop and a dog who is a murder witness in a case. Source: Rotten Tomatoes
  • Speaking of crime solving canines, Hooch is actually a murder witness. Yes, nobody cares for a dog to be a crime witness. Hooch disproves carelessness. Though, the sloppy, slobbery, messy Hooch starts to grow on Turner and on us. The huge fur ball makes you fall in love with him even if he drools all over you.

    So, who really played Hooch?
    Beasley, our Hooch, a Dogue de Bordeaux, was born in 1978 in Wisconsin.
    Beasley,17 month old at the time, had only 5 month stop repare and performed spectacularly.
    The pup would not drink beer for the scene how ever much requested.
    Beasley lived a good life and died in 1992.

7. Baxter – Anchorman: The legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

Achorman. The legend of Ron Burgundy made 28.4 million dollars in its opening weekend in 2004
  • Bax is tiny, he speaks Spanish (you read correct), and he has a way with humans and the animal kingdom. Besides, how many dogs do you know who can eat an entire wheel of cheese? Baxter has extraordinary talents that not only help him survive the wild but also save his humans from wild attacks.

So, who really plated Baxter?

Quince, who played Bax, is a Border Terrier.

Quince is new to the business and it is his first real movie.
He was rescued from a supermarket parking lot and had hardly done

anything before other than walk on a leash.

Besides being extremely amiable, quince drinks out of straws, wears

hats and saves the day at the end, in the real world too. 

6. Bailey – A dog’s purpose (2017)

This dog movie – A Dog’s Purpose earned $205 million all over the world, against the production budget of $22 million.
  • Whenever life got down for Ethan, Bailey was there for him. From playing ball to helping him pick out girls, Bailey wins our hearts over. Bailey shows A dog’s purpose and intelligently shows reincarnation. All in all, a beautiful character.

    So, who played Bailey?

    ●  Odin, the Golden Retriever, played Bailey.
    ●  Odin is a playful pup with expressive eyes, shiny coat and a charming

    personality that every actor needs.

    ●  Bonnie, the director, found Odin very eager to please.
    ●  Odin, being a big boy, over 100 pounds, could only stay behind

    because of his size, not his abilities. 

5. Max – Max (2015)

This Dog movie is on a traumatic military dog, who got adopted by his late handler Kyle’s family, the shocking story behind the latter’s death begins to unravel.
  • Max, the bravest, didn’t hesitate in saving the lives of the ones’ he loved. He even saved the father of the boy he loved even when the father did not love him. Family, duty, honor, and love personify Max.
  • So, who played Max?
  • Max, played by a three year old Carlos, was found on a Kentucky farm.
  •   Stood out with his unique light face marking sand true charisma with temperament issues.
  • Maxis Carlos on screen. Many real life moments are portrayed on screen.
  • Max showed genuinee motion in the scene of the fire works display when he cower in his cage dramatically.

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4. Beethoven (1992)

Beethoven dog movie was release in 1992 and much more sequels of it.
  • It is a cute puppy slobbering through life, escaping various nefarious events, and coming up as an adorable being even for the father of the family who isn’t fond of him. We all loved Beethoven.

    So, who played Beethoven?
    It is played by Chris.
    Playing in dozens of films, the canine leaves the same impression like the musician Beethoven did.
    The calm, patient, sweet and never injuring pup, died at a young age of 12

3. Rin Tin Tin – Where the North begins (1923)

It was a silent drama movie which was also the third movie starring a German Shepherd dog in it.
  • Rin Tin Tin, adopted by a Canadian wolf pack, goes through a series of heart-wrenching accusations and comes clear at the end, letting us let out a held breath.

    So, who played Rin Tin Tin?

    ●  Rin Tin Tin, the male German, was born in France in 1918.
    ●  Even in the days of no social media and internet, this pup wonan

    unprecedented fame, working in a huge amount of movies.
    ●  With his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame, the canine started

    acting accidentally.
  • ● Lived a ripe 14 year life

2. Bella – A dog’s way home (2019)

A Dog’s way home – Dog movie is a story on a dog’s journey covering around 400-miles across Colorado to reunit with her beloved owner.

Lucas’ beloved dog Bella wins all hearts with her quest to get back to her master. This harmless darling makes everybody a part of her journey and leaves us happy.So, who played Bella?
Shelby, the pitbull, played Bella.

Discovered in Tennessee, searching for food at a land fill.
The skinny and malnourished Shelby always has as mile on,heart visible through her eyes and mischief as well.
Ended up becoming a therapy dog in an autistic hospital with love for everyone who is devoid of it.

1. Hachiko – Hachi: A dog’s tale (2009)

Hachiko dog movie is a heart wrenching movie of a professor who finds an abandoned puppy and takes him home. With time, they form an unbreakable bond that makes the dog wait for his owner till his last breath. Source: Hachi: A dog’s Tale

How can Hachi possibly miss the list? The Akita Inu dog wins our hearts and leaves us teary-eyed, not for one day but for many days afterward. The loyalty and love of this sweet little animal win us over for a lifetime. And when we come to know it is a real-life story, the pain gets real.

  • So, who really played Hachiko?
  • Forrest, who played Hachiko, was a five year old at the time.
  • Its in real life matches that of Hachi, following his owner everywhere.
  • The dog liked every bit of attention he got.
  • Appeared in Animal Planet’s episode and appeared in TV commercials.
  • Forrest laid down his life and departed to dog’s heaven in 2017.

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Everything To Know About Teacup Yorkshires

Teacup Yorkshire (Terriers) are the most adorable dogs in the world. They are not the true Yorkshires as they are too small to fit in that category. However, they are still a part of this category. People call them teacup Yorkshires because they are so small that they would fit into a teacup. They are very popular as companion dogs alluding to their easy-to-carry size.

History Of Terrier Breed

The Yorkshire Terrier breed was originally named as ‘Broken Haired Scotch Terrier’ in 1861.

A group of workers who had come from Scotland in search of work found them in Yorkshire in the mid-nineteenth century . These workers had several different breeds of Scotch Terriers. They used them to give birth to these Yorkshires. It is popular knowledge that breeders bred Paisley Terrier and Maltese to form Yorkshires as many of their very significant features can be seen in Yorkshires.


Yorkshire Terrier  weighs around 6-7 pounds and owns a very feisty demeanour.

Yorkshire Terriers normally weigh 7 pounds but compared to them, Teacups weigh merely 2-3 pounds making them really small pets. 

Carrying a “particularly erect” demeanour, the perfect Yorkshire Terrier is defined as having an air of importance. Despite their feisty demeanour, Yorkshire Terriers are not violent. They have a bad case of separation anxiety which is why people tend to buy two or more dogs in case they are going to be absent for longer durations

Teacup Yorkshires are known to be very territorial and if not properly trained would not be able to socialise much on later in their lives. 

They need to be taken out enough in their puppy stages to make them comfortable with an environment other than home, but this also has to be done with great consideration as they are susceptible to injuries and trampling by other pets or even humans.

Terriers’ Temperament

Teacup Yorkshire Terrier is a very bold, courageous, and confident smallest dog breed.

Getting a Yorkshire Terrier to respond to commands is a piece of cake. This is because they were designed from birth to be self-sufficient. A lot of them are motivated by food or praise, which is why they are so brilliant and quick to learn. 

Because they were intended to be working dogs, they need a great deal of: 

  • Mental exercise
  • Physical exercise, including lengthy walks or runs, and
  • Regular training sessions. 

Yorkies, according to many, are calm and cuddly. They’re known for their enthusiastic demeanour. 

Although each dog is unique, the breeder should be able to inform you about their particular breed’s needs and temperaments. 

It’s simple to travel with Yorkies, and they may fit into a variety of lifestyles. Yorkies are versatile. Their small height means they need to do less physical exercise, yet they still need to interact with other people on a regular basis. They thrive off of the love and care they get from loved ones. In most cases, dogs are more comfortable when they are near their owners.

Fun Fact

Teacup Yorkshires are well-known for their habit of yawning often. Since this is the case, they make excellent watchdogs, since they’ll bark if someone approaches. With proper training and exercise, a dog’s barking problem may be resolved, although this is not always the case.

Grooming Regime Of Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

Teacup Yorkies develop a full body coat which doesn’t require shav, but trimming, to maintain even length.
  • ombing: To groom these dogs, it doesn’t take long since they don’t have a lot of hair. You may go longer between baths by using a brush to remove dirt and debris from the dog’s coat, but make sure to brush their hair everyday to remove tangles. 
  • Trim Yorkies’ Ear & Paws: If the coat is kept short, grooming time may be minimised. Even if you don’t cut your dog’s hair, it’s still necessary to trim their ears and paws. As a result, infections in the dog’s ears are minimised, and overall health is protected. Every time the dog is washed, it is necessary to re-adjust its wrap, as well as to re-apply the dog’s oil. 
  • Nail Trimming & Oral Health: Just like any other breed, your dog’s nails and teeth should be trimmed and cleaned regularly. When it comes to oral health, these dogs need additional attention because of their tendency to tooth disease.

Terriers’ Health

Yorkshire Terriers have a sensitive digestive system which results quickly in vomiting, or diarrhea on eating food outside of their diet.

Teacup Yorkshires are infamous for the various hereditary diseases that have been passed on to them along the way. I will be listing some of the diseases below –

1. Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia means having a low blood sugar level which is most commonly caused by going for longer durations without eating anything. This condition is more common in puppies in the first few months and rarely is continued till adulthood. 

Hypoglycemia is more common in Teacup Yorkshire because of the smaller amount of muscular mass.  Other causes of low blood sugar include: 

  • Bacterial Illness, 
  • Parasite infestation, and 
  • Portosystemic liver shunt.  

Due to its need for sugar, Hypoglycemia may cause the puppy to become tired, shaken, and uncoordinated. In addition, the puppy may not eat until it is forced to do so. Severe instances may result in death.

Immediate action is required for the prolonged life of your Yorkie. Brush your Yorkie’s gums with a sugar syrup (nothing containing xylitol) like honey or similar. Ideally, your Yorkie will react to the sugar in a timely manner. Take your Yorkie to the vet when he or she has stabilised. They’ll probably do a few tests, one of which is a blood glucose test.

Veterinarians can help you select the best course of action for your dog. Switching to a protein-rich puppy diet and feeding three times a day is the most probable course of action.

2. Periodontal Diseases

Yorkies need  their teeth to be regularly brushed and occasionally scraped to avoid the buildup of tartar.

Periodontal disease is a type of dental disease that Teacup Yorkshire or more generally all Yorkshire terriers are prone to. Due to their small jaws, their teeth often become overcrowded which gives birth to plaque which is the main cause of decay to teeth. If not taken care of it may cause damage to all other organs of their body as well.

– The symptoms include: 

  • A condition known as halitosis (bad breath)
  • The inability to feed or grasp a toy with one’s mouth.
  • Approaching someone’s face with aggression
  • Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gum tissue.
  • Teeth extraction

For diseases like these, prevention is always better than cure so make sure to brush the teeth of Teacup Yorkshire every day with an annual dental checkup by professionals. Get their teeth properly cleaned professionally twice a year to avoid the formation of tartar. 

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3. Legg Perthes Disease

 An X-ray of a Canine Legg Perthes condition. Source: Semantic Scholar

This is a disease that is common on all tiny breed dogs and is found normally in puppies. This is a hip joint disease. Due to this, the femur bone above the hip joint starts slowly dying. The researchers have not reached a conclusion but it is said to be a genetic problem.


  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Inactivity
  • Severe pain


At times, this might not need any professional help and would heal with time in about 3 months but you should still consult a doctor as it might lead to arthritis when not cured. 

All Teacup Yorkshires are going to react differently, where some might be all better with just rest and medication, some might need entire hip replacement surgery. This can be cured early on, if detected and gotten treated on time.

4. Liver Shunt

These are genetic diseases that are found from birth as it develops when these dogs are still fetuses. This occurs when the fetus’ liver inside the mother’s womb does not shut off properly. With this disease, the liver stops functioning properly thereby hindering all bodily functions.


A blood test can easily detect this. So, make sure you do not ignore any kind of symptoms like vomiting, seizures(in most severe cases), lethargy, reduced growth rate. 

The best cure for this one would be surgery but if your teacup Yorkshire is still in the baby stages and is not displaying any of the severe symptoms then there are other remedies available that are most likely to cure them completely.

5. Luxating Patella

Luxating Patella in Dogs.

Patellar luxation is the second most prevalent condition in dog breeds, behind hip dysplasia. Yorkie kneecaps that don’t fit into their femurs may cause Leg Limping . In most instances, generations pass down the illness. On the other hand, injuries and inadequate diet may also trigger it. 

Smaller Yorkies, in particular, are more susceptible to this problem. It’s quite rare for dogs with this condition to be in pain and even to limp. Bones that rub against each other wear down over time, making the condition worse. Because of their diminutive stature, Teacup Yorkies may have trouble having surgery.

Must Take Precautions For Teacup Yorkshires

giving the right food

The most important thing you can do to ensure the health of your Yorkie is to provide it with a balanced, healthy diet. Consume foods that are rich in nutrients, rather than those that are poor in nutrients, as part of a healthy diet. 

In the long term, you’ll save money on veterinary bills as well as improve your dog’s health by making the investment now. In our review of the best dog food for Yorkies, you’ll find several terrific selections for Yorkie dog food. Consult your veterinarian or a pet nutritionist if you have any concerns about the nutritional content of your Yorkie’s food.

 Introduce new foods gradually to avoid upsetting your dog’s fragile digestive system. You must keep your pet’s treats to a minimum, regardless of how much fun it may be. To avoid overfeeding your Yorkie or exposing him to dangerous chemicals and sugar, seek snacks that are good for Yorkies and created from all-natural ingredients to avoid overfeeding him.

provide a safe environment

Scented candles are not harmful for dogs but air fresheners or plug-ins are as they include ingredients that are irritating and harmful for dogs.

You should be aware of the hazards of household chemicals and smoking if you have a Yorkie with respiratory issues. In your house, avoid using air fresheners, plug-ins, or candles at all. Before you begin utilising essential oils in your home, do some research first. Air purifiers may help with respiratory issues as well.

physical activities

Strolling is a dog’s favourite pastime.. They like using their noses to explore their environment. For both you and your dog, a walk in the park may be a rejuvenating and energising experience. Taking walks helps them stay in shape and maintain a healthy weight. Instead of attaching the leash to your dog’s collar, use a harness.

But be extra careful with Teacup Yorkshires as due to their smaller frame, their bones are also very fragile and need extra care and attention so that they do not climb extra high places and if they do, they do not try to jump off those surfaces. Also, this goes by without mentioning, but make sure no one steps on your tiny little dog. They are pretty easy to miss.

healthy teacup yorkshire

Teacup Yorkshires are very expensive as puppies. Despite their small frame and so many health issues, people love them as companion dogs. They usually come at as high a price as 2000$, as no one is willing to compromise on such an adorable breed.

The next big challenge is finding a Yorkshire that is healthy, as mentioned above, most of their health problems are either genetic or caused in the very initial stages of their life. 

Veterinary doctors are still in the process of figuring out how to cater to all health requirements of lapdogs. But, the fact is, smaller dogs do have more health problems than other average-sized more common breeds like retrievers or labradors, but nothing is as serious that little care, attention and precautions cannot take care of. 

Teacup Yorkshire Terriers are extremely cute that will melt your heart in just one meet.

There is no doubt about the fact that these Teacup Yorkshires are an amalgamation of cute, curious, aggressive as well as active making them a perfect companion. Please make sure that you are ready to devote the time and attention that they require. You will have to create the kind of space for them which would not endanger them to anything that can harm them in any way.

If you are getting yourself Teacup Yorkshire, you are simply buying yourself a package of happiness. So, go ahead and make way for the cute little bundle of joy that Teacup Yorkshires are.

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How can you click great pictures of your dog?

We all know how hard it can be to take good pictures of our dogs. Whether it’s stopping your fluff ball from sniffing the camera or hoping it won’t dart away as soon as you snap, there’s a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into an adorable doggy photo, every little detail makes a difference. Here are some fun tricks that can help you click great pictures of your dog.

5 Steps to click great photos of your dog


The basic aim in dog photography is to capture their character and personality. For a better capture you need to make sure that you take your dog to a familiar place, where your dog can feel and look comfortable, but also make sure that the place has natural light, it will help a lot in clicking good shots.


Grabbing your dog’s attention is important for a good capture. Try to work speedily with your camera. For example, if your dog likes to play with a ball then grab a ball in your hand and throw it as high as possible. The moment your dog tries to catch it, click the shutter, this way it will look natural and you will be able to capture their real personality and emotion.

woman taking pic with her dog
Photographing your dog is just similar to kids photography.


When you have your dog’s favorite treat in your hand, move it around the lens this way it will distract your dog away from the lens for a while and this way you can capture some good moments. 

You can also do some tricks with your dog and while you are at it, you can get good shots of the precious moments you and your dog share.


If you are looking for action shots, do your photoshoot before the daily three km run. And if you wish for a serene portrait, then do your shoot after. Try to time it well!


Everyone is used to seeing dogs from above, so photos from that angle may not be as striking. For better shots try getting down to their level, shoot them in their world. Depending on your dog’s breed you will have to get down or crouch with your camera. Try shooting from their eye level or even lower where you can capture their pure expressions.

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Tips to capture great pictures of your dog

taking selfie with her dog
Wait with patience to click great pictures of your dog as you get the opportunity.


Capturing the eyes is basically capturing the essence of any living subject. While framing your dog make sure to auto focus on the eyes to make sure they are sharp and to allow the dog’s expressions to become the focal point of the image. You must try to capture the puppy dog eye moments, whether or not they are looking straight in your camera. Good expressions will always shine out in a dog photo.


Closeups of your dog helps in shining out your dog’s character. For eg, if your dog likes lounging around then try to capture moments where it is yawning or sleeping in different positions, or if your dog is friendly then try to capture moments where it is playing with other dogs or humans , try to capture the smile, the wagging tail, the ‘wiggle wiggle’ moments etc.


Aside from the camera gear , dog photography needs a lot of patience. You do not want to end up raising your voice or repeating your commands to make your dog do certain things. It will simply confuse or freak your pet out. If they sense your frustration they are going to end up looking concerned and their flat ears don’t exactly make a good photo. So the more relaxed you are , chances of a better shot will increase. Do not worry about the little glitches like drool or dirt, it only showcases naturality and if at all you are not pleased they can always be fixed with a little photoshop. 


Never forget to reward your model! Offer them treats that they like in order to keep them motivated and to encourage them to  cooperate. From treats or toys to belly rubs it can be anything that makes your dog happy and also helps you to capture best shots.


If your dog feels shy or is uncomfortable you can always join your dog for the photoshoot. Dogs feel comfortable enough around their loved ones. This way you can capture a good portrait of you and your dog sharing cute moments together. 

Using these tips you can get a good portrait for yourself, especially for the people who like to show off their pets on social media platforms. Making memories can anyways never harm anyone and having a good memory of your pet will only bring joy to you.

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10 Pet care apps to make your parenting journey easy

Adopting a pet is a callous decision, but only a few of us can turn our face from the craving for a pet’s love. Tough why? Because it demands constant attention and genuine care. Moreover, we are afraid we would not be good pet parents as we lack the expertise. Life has been made very easy by that rectangular slab in your hand (phone reference). Can it help you sort out your pet care? Let that breath go. It’s a yes! Pet care apps are the answer. 

What do Pet Care Apps do?

Pet care apps are the talk of the town. The apps available on Android and IOS are making minds blow, and the faces glow of the pet parents. You won’t believe what all these apps can do for you. They can help you in all the spheres of pet keeping ranging from pet care to training and finding pet food to even finding your lost pet for you. 

Finding your lost pet! Yes!

Here is a list of the 10 most popular and most useful apps on the Google Play and IOS app store. This list is sure to help you with your pets’ comprehensive care and growth. At the end is a list of what you should look for in a pet care app. Check that out before if you don’t know that already. Let’s start without further ado. 

10 pet care apps

1. Monkoodog PetCare Assistant and Puppy Growth Tracker

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

Our top recommendation and the champion of the list, inarguably, would be the Monkoodog PetCare Assistant and Puppy Growth Tracker app. With a 4.7 rating on google play store, this app is surely a complete package of all a dog parent may require in a Petcare app. The mindblowing features and heartwarming design make it simply the best Pet Care app on the play store.

What does monkoodog petcare app do?

This app provides you with expert assistance in taking care of your pets in a step by step easy way. It is an up-to-date package of complete pet information. Ranging from pet profiling to grooming, training, vaccination information, deworming, dog walking, and much more, this app makes your connection with your dog so deep and genuine. You can become aware of the most important aspects of your pooch’s life. Let us discuss our champion of the list in detail.

Monkoodog PetCare Assistant provides broadly three types of services :

  1. Pet care 
  2. Complete pet information
  3. Pet-related recommendations 
Monkoodog PetCare Assistant

Pet care

Monkoodog Petcare Assistant and Puppy growth tracker comes with features essential for petcare. It helps you find playmates for your pooch with its’ locating playmate’ feature. You can make a profile for your pet on this app. It keeps a schedule of your pet’s vet appointments, deworming, health checkups, vaccination, and medication.

The puppy growth calculator is one of the most popular features of this app. Also, it entails features of multiple other apps, including finding a pet sitter or caretaker for your pet. Pet care is done if you have this app on your phone. 

Complete pet information

This app acts as a social media for dog lovers. With the feature of blogs, news, and events, it brings information about dogs for dog lovers worldwide.

This app enlightens you about the dog world with exciting and informative blogs. The news section brings entertaining and heartwarming dog news from over the globe. The events section informs you about dog events worldwide. 

The whole informational section helps you make the right choices for your canine and makes your life very easy.

Pet-related recommendations

If it is an issue for you that you are often confused about what is good for your pet or when it should be taken to a vet, the recommendations section in this app never lets you feel alone. 

It recommends you on issues ranging from vet appointments to deworming and vaccinations. It will help you find and recommend the best pet clinics to you. 

If you worry about missing out on the appointments and the informative blogs, the app’s notification feature never lets you forget anything. 

This app is a combination of ten apps in one. It is given the first number on the list because it renders it useless to have any other pet care app on the phone if it is there. To sum up –

Features of the app

  1. Pet profile creation and growth tracking
  2. Pet weight calculator
  3. Information Blogs about dogs and dog-related news
  4. Dog events worldwide
  5. Recommendations for canines; tell you what’s best for your pet
  6. Pet grooming and training assistance
  7. Expert advice
  8. It helps you find a dog sitter, walker, and playmates for your pet
  9. Information of pet cremation services for the worst situations
  10. Timely notifications so that you do not miss out on anything
  11. Rated 4.7 on Play Store

2. Rover

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

The most talked-about problem with the pet owners when they go out is ‘Where do I leave my pet?’. Rover is tailor-made for these situations only. Rover is like a blessing for pet parents when they need a sitter for their pets. Also, it is a blessing for those who want to sit with pets in their free time. Not only pet sitting, but you can also access this app if you want someone to walk your pet.

With a boastful number of hundreds of thousands of downloads, this app is making life easy for pet owners and freelancers and is luring people to adopt pets. What stops them from having an all-time companion when their biggest problem is solved?

Features of the app

  • You can find dog sitters in your area to sit and walk your pet
  • With their star system, you can find the best and most recommended sitters for your pet
  • There is a chatroom available so that you can talk to the sitter as much as you want 
  • You can share pet pictures
  • Has a GPS tracker to track your dog’s walk
  • A very easy to use the app and highly secure for payments 

3. Chewy

Chewy app
Picture Source: Chewy

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

How can we talk about pet apps and not talk about apps for pet food? We are born to eat, no? It is an issue with pet parents to find food for their pets. Human food can be found anywhere and everywhere, but when it comes to pet food and when you own a unique pet, finding food can be a monthly struggle for you. It is for times like this that Chewy comes into the picture.

Chewy holds its place as the most preferable pet food app. With foods available from over a thousand brands and features of auto shipment, this app is really attractive and a must-have. It offers you attractive discounts that are a cherry on the cake. 

Features of the app

  • Foods from over a thousand brands
  • Toys, medicines, and many other pet supplies are available 
  • Provides an auto-shipping feature
  • It gives you a discount if you auto-ship food from this app
  • Free shipping on many items
  • Universal free shipping for items over fifty dollars 
  • Concise and clearly defined, easy to use the app
  • It saves you a fortune

4. Whistle

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

The nightmare for every pet parent is separating from their beloved furball (or a non-furball if that is what your pet looks like). Many of us jump out of bed at night to take a quick look at our pets. Half of the time, we are sure they have run away somewhere and got lost in the wilderness. We fear we will never see them again. Whistle helps you sleep peacefully at night if that is what your issue is.

Whistle is a pet finder app that helps you find your pet or track its activity. In cities where every street looks the same and traffic smells cover the tracks, your dog can sometimes not find their way home. That is when you Whistle.

Features of the app

  • A tag goes on the collar that tracks the movement and activity of the pooch.
  • It lets you make a pet profile with your dog’s age, breed, and size.
  • You can set activity goals for your dog, and it gives your pet activity achievement badges for the completion of set goals.
  • Gently warns you when your dog gets too lazy or sedentary.
  • Glow in the dark light available on the tag when your pet plays hide and seek in the dark with you
  • Health tracker that warns when the pet is scratching or licking their selves too much
  • Can measure the pet’s body temperature and pulse too

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5.  11pets

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

If you are used to forgetting your pet schedules, this app provides a simple reminder for you. This is a great Android and IOS Petcare app that brings your pet to your fingertips. This app comes in as a blessing for parents who own more than one pet. 

It stores all the pets’ information and creates different profiles for them. It will set reminders about different things for your different pets like doctor’s appointments, vaccination, grooming, food, and every other thing you need to develop a reminder for. This app comes in handy for every institution of pet owners, whether an individual pet owner or a pet care institution. Let’s check out the specific features of this app.

Features of the app

  • Automatic reminders
  • Multi pet friendly
  • Daily care including health checkups, vet appointments, and medicines
  • Stores complete medical records of your pet. No need to search papers every time you go to the vet.
  • Follow up of medical incidents
  • Photo galleries


ASPCA is a multi pet-friendly Android and IOS Petcare app. Historical research on the human body and our experiments on ourselves makes it easy to choose healthy food for us. For pets, consider this app an Ayurveda treatise. It helps you know what is good and bad for your pet, ingestion-wise. 

It is a must-have app if you have a pet that fits this app’s category. This app is helpful for pet parents who have dogs, horses, cats, or birds. This app has a database of things that are a big no for your pets. Let’s check out the features.

Features of the app

  • Information of plants, foods, medicines, and hazards toxic to animals
  • It gives a scale of how poisonous something is for your pet
  • Have it in addition to any other dog care app
  • A handy manual to a pet’s diet
  • It helps avoid feeding anything harmful to your pet

7. Dog Clicker Training

Dog Clicker Training app
Picture source: Dog clicker training

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

Most of us want to have our way while training our pets. That’s fine. But, do our ways mostly work? Dog training is tiring, and most of us do not even know where to start. This app called Dog Clicker Training comes in handy for situations like that.

Dog Clicker training is a marvelous and widely loved pet training app. It is a must-have Petcare app for pet parents. This app comes with three different clickers inbuilt in the app. It negates the need for a separate Dog Clicker. With all the information it provides about pet training, the purpose of training, and pointers along the way, you would find the process easier and much more fun. 

Features of the app

  • It comes with three different HD clickers
  • It is a great help in helping you communicate with your pet
  • Most suitable for dogs and cats
  • Pet training tips for users ranging from layman to expert
  • It contains breathtaking graphics and is very easy to use

8. Pet First Aid

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

It is a genuine prayer that you never have to use this app from your phone, but it is a piece of genuine advice, always have this app on your phone if you are a pet owner. Nothing can help you in a situation where you need emergency first aid for your pet like Pet First Aid does. From the American Red Cross, this Petcare app is found on every pet owner’s phone. 

With a simple step-by-step user-friendly guide, you can easily perform first aid for your pet using this app. It guides you through the process in case your pet chokes on something or inhales something or something else. Also, it provides you with the addresses of the nearest pet hospitals and vets or emergency centers in emergency cases.

Features of the app

  • Step by step pet care guide through photos and videos
  • Can set vet appointments 
  • Allows to set up multiple pet profiles
  • Contains Pet videos and fun quizzes.
  • Videos containing vet advice is an important feature of this app
  • It helps you find pet-friendly hotels in any area
  • It does not contain instructions for a wide variety of pets

9. Petcube

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

Pets think we give them treats for their happiness. Maybe but it is not the complete truth. Very few of us can deny the pleasure we feel when they take the treat from us and the disappointment when they refuse the treat. That sums up the giving away of treats for our happiness.

always be there!

What happens when you go away for some time and can’t give treats to your pet? Do you miss the after-treat look on their face? To solve this dilemma, Petcube slides in. Petcube is an android Petcare app that also employs physical cameras for you to watch over your pet. It has a button on it that helps you deploy treats to your pet from a physical treat dispenser.

You can talk to your pet over the microphone and see them. You can give them treats through the treat dispenser with just a click even when you are away. Petcube comes as a pet sitter without you having to pay for it. 

Features of the app

  • Treat dispenser for giving treats to your pet
  • Primary camera to watch over your pet
  • It has a microphone so that your pet can hear your voice and you can soothe them from far away
  • It doesn’t let you feel the distance; neither to your dog
  • A must-have for every pet parent 

10. Dog Scanner

Dog Scanner app
Picture Source: Dog Scanner

Download from IOS App Store & Google Play Store

Want to have some information along with some fun? Dog Scanner can turn out to be the favorite app of all dog lovers. If you are a victim of dog lovers and have so little knowledge of different dog breeds, this app is divinely constituted to get you out of your ignorance.

Dog Scanner lets you scan any dog or even upload a photo on it. It will tell you the breed of the dog and all the descriptions, specifications, and specializations of the breed. If the dog is a mix, it will break it down into all the breeds it constitutes. 

If your homies are fond of bringing stray dogs home and you are so out of ideas what the breed is, upload the picture on the dog scanner, and it will tell you about your dog, all that you never even imagined knowing.

Features of the app

  • Describes the dog breed; even the mixture of breeds
  • More than 350 dog breeds’ description
  • A social network of dog lovers where you can upload the photo to share with other dog lovers
  • Rewards for more scanning
  • It lets you guess and identify breeds so that you can self analyze your expertise
  • All-round information, including the origin and history of the breed
  • Complete information and entertainment package


After a thorough read of the specifications of these apps, it is clear that very few of these apps have overlapping functions. Most of these are stand-alone and unique. Though, you may need different sorts of services for your pet. That leads us to conclude that a combination of these apps, ones you consider most useful, should be downloaded. 

However, some of these apps, like the Monkoodog PetCare Assistant and Puppy Growth Tracker app, can provide so many services at once that it may replace five or six apps on your phone. So, Of Course, The smart choice would be to choose such an app that helps you manage space and perform many functions in one.

Things to keep in mind while downloading a pet care app

downloading a pet care app-min

With all the apps offering overlapping services available on the app store, it gets confusing for us to choose which to choose and which not to. Therefore, We need to keep a few things in mind while downloading a pet care app. Always download an app that offers all or at least some of these services :

Services Provided-

  1. Pet Profile – An app that offers you a pet profile should always be there on your phone. That helps you in staying aware of your pet.
  1. First Aid – You need to have a first aid app on your phone. Never exercise laxity with it. Bring a pet home and then have a first aid app. Always that way.
  1. Notifying app – You should always have a handy app that gives you notifications and important reminders regarding your pet. That makes sure you never forget the important things.
  1. Information provider – An app that provides you timely information about your pet is a must-have. This keeps you aware and awake.
  1. Health tracker – Always have an app that tracks your pet’s health, like their food consumption habits or weight and growth. This keeps your puppy healthy in the long run.
  1. Search app – Have an app that searches pet things for you. Be it a sitter or a playmate, pet-friendly hotels, or a day boarding, such apps spare you the untimely unpreparedness and always help in the hours of need.
  1. Shopping – You know it already. Whether it is about shopping food for your pet or accessories, a shopping app is always going to cut down on time loss and also save you some money.
  1. Pet training – Even if not military trained, your pet at least needs to know where to pee and poop. A pet training app helps you teach your pet the basic pet discipline. 

Check out the list of the apps above and download the best pet care app that encompasses most of these features. Pet care apps are the best things you can have on your phones. Never go lax with it. Happy Pet keeping! 

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10 Cute Dog Collars to pamper your pooch

Each evening when you take your dog out for a walk, I am sure you notice one thing – your dog’s interest in meeting new people. Dog’s are social beings, and public opinion matters to them. Looking cute is everyone’s preference, and so is your dog’s. Get them a cute dog collar to help them fulfill their social predicaments.

We scoured the internet for the top ten cute dog collars. Here we will suggest to you Ten cute dog collars that are super cute, some with floral print to bling to leather to colors. 

They are going to add more cuteness to your already cute furry friend. You can gift these cute dog collars to them on special occasions like Christmas, New Year, their Birthday, or why wait for an occasion? Give it to them right away. 

I guarantee your dog will love these cute dog collars and will flaunt them to their friends on the next walk. Maybe it’s time to pamper your little furry friend.

Top 10 Cute Dog Collars

1. Pet Bowtie Dog Collar

Pet Bow Tie Dog Collar
Source: Segarty Store

This dog collar comes in very cute baby colors like baby pink, mint green, baby yellow, baby blue with cute prints on them. The best thing is that they have the same colored collar, and same printed bow. This bow is adjustable and can be washed whenever it feels dirty. The best thing is the prints they have available for this collar. They have prints for different seasons and occasions. You can choose one accordingly.

2. Leather Crystal Dog Collar

Crystal Dog Collars
Source: Berry Pet Store

Who doesn’t love bling? No one has ever said no to crystals. Why should humans have all the fun of crystals? This one is a leather Crystal Collar for Dogs. It comes up in different colored leathers with crystals embedded on it all the way. It also comes up in different sizes. Choose one according to your needs.

3. Customized Soft Leather Dog Collar

Soft Leather Dog Collars
Source: W&Z

This one is the cutest, probably. They are made of very soft leather to make them very comfortable for your dogs to wear. They come in different, pretty unique colors. The best thing is, you can get them customized. 

For e.g., ask them to engrave your dog’s name or Date of birth, your contact number, or maybe something else you like. Your dog will run around with these. Besides, we all enjoy customized things; it gives a sense of belongingness. Why refrain our little friends from this?

4. Rose Gold Rhinestone Dog Collar

Rose Gold Rhinestone Dog Collars
Source: PetsHome Store

Rose gold is the trending color. It has a different thing about it. The softness and cuteness this color has can not be defined. And this is probably the most elegant color. This collar is made up of metal chains. It has Rhinestone embedded onto it all the while. Its buckle is also rose gold and very finely made. They also have different sizes according to the size of your dog. I am sure you and your dog will love this one for those special occasions and parties.

5. Leather Padded Dog Collar

Leather Padded Dog Collars
Source: PetsUp® Store

This leather is the cliche brown leather collar, with an old kind of leather with padding to make it comfortable for your dogs. This one looks very vintage, with thread stitching on the boundaries. This is the old kind of collar that is still trendy. They never go out of style, always look cute, simple, and elegant. If you are into all-time elegance, go for this one. This one looks particularly cute for older dogs.

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6. American Flag Dog Collar

American Flag Dog Collars
Source: Dog Karma Store

You can show your dog’s patriotism by gifting them these. Make them wear these on those special occasions like Independence day or maybe freedom day. Your dog can show his/her patriotism too. When you are all moving around with flags, your little furry one will have something too. This one has a plastic buckle to tighten the collar as well.

7. Safety LED Collar

Safety LED Collars
Source: Pumila

This one is probably the most innovative. This is made up of an LED strip all over the fabric. Its purpose is to ensure you find your dog even in the deepest darks. You can even play hide and seek with them if they are wearing these collars in the dark. These LED lights even have settings to brighten or dim them. This collar can be charged using a USB cable very easily. Don’t worry about the safety of it. It is completely safe and water-resistant. It is completely safe for a dog’s neck. Your dog will even make new friends because of this particular collar and will get more attention. They will look like a disco ball in the dark.

8. Rainbow Dog Collar

Rainbow Color Dog Collars
Source: Lana Paws Store

I have never met a dog who doesn’t love colors. I mean, the excitement on their faces the moment they see colors is beyond words. Colors make them happy. I mean, colors make everyone happy. And what can be a better color combination than a rainbow itself? This one is a band with rainbow colors in order i.e., VIBGYOR. They look so cute no matter what color your dog is. This one even comes with a rainbow accessory to amp up the look for pictures and things for your dog.

9. Matching Collie Flower Set

Matching Collie Flower Set Dog Collar
Source: The Pawfect Match

Why stop at collars only? This particular set contains collars and a full-body harness, belt, poop bag holder. Go for this all-matching set. This one is also available in a variety of colors and designs, which are trendy and cute at the same time. This one is to complete the look by dressing them up completely for special occasions or maybe daily. Go ahead and make your dog truly presentable and lovely with a complete matching set.

10. BioThane Dog Collar

BioThane Dog Collars
Source: BioThane Dog Collar

This dog collar is made up of bioThane, a polyester-PVC blend. Biothane is stretchy, odor-free, and long-lasting. It comes up in really trendy bright, cute colors. But you know what the best thing about this one is; it is chew proof. So this one is going to last you long. It will be a one-time investment because of the material. BioThane collars don’t even get dull after long usage. It will always look new.

Things you should keep in mind while buying a dog collar

●  Size: Always choose the right size of collar for your dog. Never buy a very tight collar. Measure your pooch’s neck with a measuring tape before getting them a collar.

●  Durability: Buy a durable collar that is not made up of attractive but cheap material. 

●  Strength: A collar has to be strong along with being cute. Never compromise with strength; otherwise, it can come off at the most crucial moments. It can create serious problems for you.

●  Material: Never compromise on the material. Buy a genuine material collar. If it is leather or any other material, always check the material. It should be soft and comfortable for your pooch. 

●  Cuteness: A cute collar is always a good choice for your dog. Tough big dogs with cute collars give out an instant harmless look. A dog need not look dangerous all the time, even though it can get really dangerous.

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10 Luxury Dog Collars For Luxury Loving Parents

It is only fair, if you are a luxury loving individual, to offer your loved ones all the luxuries you can provide. Humans? Well, they can choose all the luxuries very well. Dogs? What is a better luxury for them than a luxury dog collar?

The search for a luxury dog collar for your pooch can be tiring. With thousands of options on the internet and thousands of plus and minus points, every dog collar looks good and bad. If you also are a victim of that tug of brands and want to be free of it, worry not. This article would help you sort a luxury dog collar out for your dog.

With the 10 most loved and most luxurious dog collars, we will help you make the right and luxurious choice for your pooch. 

10 Luxury Dog Collars for your pup

1. Found My Animal Ombre Rope & Leather Dog Collar

Animal Ombre Rope & Leather
Source: Found My Animal

The Found My Animal Ombre rope and leather dog collar is the perfect combination of leather and rope in a collar. Along with the perfect blend of Ombre and plain leather, this collar strikes as attractive at first look. With a very pretty and cute look, it is luxury at its best.

  • The rope is in Nylon. This helps in preventing hurting the dog. 
  • This looks good on a dog of every size and breed. 
  • The rope is twisted for a durable touch. 
  • The collar comes in many different shades of Omber and many different leather patterns. 
  • It would cost you around 56 dollars.

2. Ultra-Strong Designer Pitbull Dog Collar

Pitbull Dog Collar
Source: Jewelry Kingdom 1

If you have a naughty pooch who is fond of chewing out of his bondage, this collar will prevent that. It is a metal chain collar with strong links giving your dog a rich man luxury look. 

  • Ultra-strong to hold over 680 lbs.
  • Complete protection from fur damage as it is made of stainless steel.
  • 20 mm comfortable and luxury dog collar
  • Lifetime guarantee available
  • The latest design and stylish touch
  • Costs around 150 dollars

3. Bestia “Balteus” Studded Leather Dog Collar

Studded Leather Dog Collar
Source: Bestia

If yours is a big dog with big needs, this is a perfect collar for your dog. It gives an antique look to your pooch. This Brass studded collar is a primary choice for luxury dog collars’ lovers. 

  • 2.5 inch with genuine leather studded
  • Metal parts constitute heavy-duty Nickel plated in silver color
  • All leather is naturally tanned. No harmful chemicals were used.
  • Perfect for big dogs like Rottweiler, Doberman, and American Mastiff.
  • Cushion studded, making it extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Brass studded
  • Costs around 90 dollars

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4. BECHIVA Soft Real Leather Collar For Small Dogs

Leather Collar For Small Dogs
Source: Bechiva

This collar is a perfectly cute, luxury collar for a little dog. If you change clothes with age, a dog has every right to change collars as they age. This one works for even adult small-sized dogs. 

  • It is a completely handcrafted unique collar
  • With cent percent genuine leather, this is a very soft and flexible dog collar.
  • It comes with polka dots in cute colors.
  • Lightweight with weighing only 24-25 grams
  • This collar has an easy on and off buckle with an additional accessory for name tag.
  • It will cost you around 61 dollars.

5. DUPFY Heavy Duty Cuban Rose Gold Dog Chain With Safety Lock

Rose Gold Dog Chain With Safety Lock
Source: Dupfy

This 18 karat gold plated dog collar is a high-end dog collar with a safety lock attached. It is a highly durable and very strong luxury dog collar. It will be able to take over 700 pounds of weight. Big dogs, beware!

  • It is embedded with sparkling CZ stones to give your dog a kingly look.
  • Shines completely while walking in the sun, which, as a result, gives it an instant attraction
  • Rustproof and non-fading durable dog collar
  • Non-chewy and hurt proof
  • Stainless steel
  • Designed for medium to large dogs
  • This collar costs around 140 dollars.

6. Bestia Maximus Leather Harness

Maximus Leather Harness
Source: Bestia

This one is a collar in the shape of a harness, preventing the complete weight from falling on the neck. It has a luxurious look and is very fancy. It can be of use as a party-going harness for your dog. 

  • Padded with soft chest plate to provide maximum comfort to the canine
  • Along with being stylish, it is durable and strong
  • 100 percent genuine leather
  • Bestia hand made quality harness
  • Best for medium-sized dogs like English bulldog and Boxer dogs
  • It will cost you around 113 dollars

7. BlazingPaws Armington Leather Western Dog Collar

Leather Western Dog Collar
Source: BlazingPaws Store

It is a spike studded leather dog collar with a buckle-on and off the system. As it is a thick one, use this collar on big dogs. With a strong and stylish look, it is a trendy luxury dog collar.

  • Soft suede leather padding for maximum comfort and prevention of fur damage.
  • It comes with a unique Western design embedded with square studs
  • Heavy-duty buckle made of Nickel 
  • It comes in three different colors
  • Only for large dog breeds. Unsuitable for little dogs.
  • It will cost you around 65 dollars.

8. Hartman & Rose Haute Couture Dog Collar

Rose Haute Couture Dog Collar
Source: Hartman & Rose

Designed with Swarovski crystals and plated with 22 karat gold, this collar will get your dog a gold-dipped look. It comes in a combination of gold and white, which gives it a complete luxury look.

  • Pure Italian handcrafted leather
  • 22 karat gold plated
  • Swarovski Crystal embedded
  • Very soft and built for comfort
  • For large as well as small dogs
  • It will cost you around 120 dollars

9. Bestia Dog Sport Collar

Bestia Dog Sport Collar
Source: Bestia Collar

This leather dog collar from Bestia is a very sporty-looking dashing collar. It is one of the favorite collars of dogs. The comfortable and attractive design and durable build make it a luxury dog collar along with being sports stuff. 

  • Handmade Bestia Dog collar
  • Completely waterproof and tear-resistant
  • Stainless steel buckles make taking off tough for dogs
  • Durable and Ultra heavy-duty dog collar
  • Extremely comfortable for dogs and has zero skin damage
  • It will cost you around 71 dollars

10. Houndworthy Monogram Luxury Padded Bridle Leather Dog Collar

Bridle Leather Dog Collar
Source: Houndworthy

With a simple and elegant look, this collar stands apart from all others. This collar is double shaded with minimum embellishments. It is a bestselling product on Amazon and feels luxurious as you hold it in your hand.

  • These are made of English Bridle leather from Sedgwick and Co.
  • With a velvety soft touch, it is a waterproof collar lined with soft paddings for maximum comfort.
  • Hand-stitched finishing look adds beauty to these
  • Old school brass metal hardware
  • These collars will cost you around 83 dollars

Things to keep in mind while buying a dog collar

● Always choose the right size of collar for your pooch. A very tight collar can be extremely inconvenient for them and can affect them very negatively. Always choose a rather loose collar for your dog.

● Avoid buying a big dog’s collar for your little pup. A big collar not only looks overwhelming in their neck, but it can also affect their activity levels and make them stressed.

● Buying reflective dog collars is a preferable choice as reflective collars help you with your dog’s safety when you are out at night. Vehicles on the road can see your dog coming and avoid accidents. 

● Always check the softness of the collar in order to avoid irritation and fur damage to the dog. Leather collars sometimes get hard with time if not preserved properly. Keep checking the suitability of the old collar time by time.

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Christmas Food That You Can Share With Your Dog

As Christmas is around the corner, we should know that Christmas is for humans and your pet dogs. With so much festivity around, your dog will definitely crave some of the delicious Dog meal that it must be smelling in the house. 

People celebrate Christmas with huge pomp and show for over a week with all friends and family merrily talking over delicious dinner every day. The delicious food attracts your pet but do not give in to the puppy’s eyes and share with your dog whatever food you would be having as that is highly ill-advised. 

There are many things from the vast array of dishes served during Christmas that are deemed okay to share with your dogs, but you must be aware of all those food items, your dog’s allergies(if any) before feeding it with any dish served on your Christmas table.

Since many people must be new to taking care of pets, some might not know about the various food options available that are safe to feed your dogs. So, here I will be listing out the Christmas food that dogs can eat and the items they absolutely can not with other precautions necessary to keep in mind. So let us go and take a look at the Christmas food that dogs can eat without any second thoughts.

List Of Christmas Food Dogs Can Eat


white turkey meat for dog
Clean, white turkey meat cooked without seasoning is fine to give dogs in small amounts.

Turkey is the most popular and most loved food for a Christmas dinner. Lucky for your dog, turkey is one of the Christmas foods dogs can eat but without all the sauces and gravy put on the top. Turkey is rich in protein and vitamins, thereby becoming an excellent substitute for the otherwise staple diet of your dogs. 

Before feeding it to your dog, make sure to remove the skin and the bones present in the turkey, which can be harmful to their digestive tract.

Make sure you give them the plain turkey as the gravy can cause them stomach and pancreatic problems. The bones present in the turkey, if not removed, can cause tears and splinters inside the dog’s mouth and stomach.


boneless meat for dog
Salmon can be fed to dogs in small amounts until it is clean, fresh, boneless and cooked properly.

No other food is topping the turkey, but salmon is also a very relished Christmas food, and the best thing about it is that it is safe for your dog to have it too. Salmon is a very healthy food item brimming with amino acids and omega 3 oils, which are essential for various bodily activities and functions like healthy digestion, muscle building, maintenance of their shiny and furry coat, and above all, is necessary for growth. 

So if you have salmon, this is one Christmas food that dogs can eat.

But again, do not feed dogs raw or smoked salmon as that might carry this specific bacteria that causes salmon poisoning, which can be fatal for your dogs. 

Also, there’s no need to share your food with your dog. They can not digest as much salt, gravy, or spice as we humans can.

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Green Vegetables
Vegetables are a great source of fibres, minerals, enzymes and phyto-nutrients for any dog.

Vegetable are always a great option to keep in mind if nothing else. Vegetable like Peas, Carrots, Cucumber, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Cabbage, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts can be some of your top choices to feed your dog as they can also easily be found on your dinner table on Christmas. 

Again, vegetables, as we would eat them, are not the optimal way to be served to your dogs as well as we eat them mixed with cheese, spices, and other dips which would be hard to digest by a dog’s stomach that is not accustomed to such food.

The vegetables mentioned above are some of the many vegetables that can be shared with your dogs. Still, there are also vegetables you should avoid giving to your dogs like onion, garlic, leeks, etcetera. 


Potatoes should always be either baked or boiled with no seasoning before giving to your dog in small amounts.

Potato have already been mentioned under vegetables, but since they are found in abundance, can be made in more than one type and is also safe for your dogs, I am mentioning it separately. They are super fibrous and high in vitamins that are great for digestion and, depending on how it would be cooked, can prove to be a great Christmas food for your dog. 

They are rich in minerals and manganese, phosphorus, and starch, which can cause stomach ache in dogs. One must always keep in mind any food item for dogs; anything fed in excess can harm them. 

This can be made in various ways, but it would be at its optimal form when made in a mix with sweet potatoes as they are equally healthy and nutritious. Potatoes would be best if served boiled and mashed without any extra added ingredients.


Fruits for dogs
Fruits contain antioxidants that are really good for dogs and can be great snacks.

On Christmas, the dinner table is filled with all sorts of eatables, fruits being one of those many items that are also safe for your dogs to eat. They cannot eat all the fruits, but fruits like Apples, Bananas, and Blueberries, which are also rich in nutrients, can be great snacks. 

Cranberries are also a great option available for dogs. Extremely nutritious and full of antioxidants and vitamins, cranberries can be given to your dogs along with something as if eaten alone. They can be a little too sour. 

Cranberries being an excellent option for dogs does not say anything about other food items like cranberry sauces being suitable for your dogs. They actually might not be such a great food item to feed your dogs.

This was the list of Christmas food dogs can eat, in moderation and under guidance. Now let us look at the food items you must avoid giving your dogs. Christmas time can be a little hectic as many families have guests over, do not overlook your dog and what they are eating as this is when someone else can feed them or eat something from the floor. So try to make sure that you are around your dog to oversee what they are intaking most of the time.

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List Of Food Not For Dogs


artificial sweeteners
Christmas desserts contain artificial sweeteners which are toxic for dogs.

Desserts are appealing to everyone, even your dogs, but they can not intake as much sugar as we can. Christmas is the time that brims with all kinds of Sweets, Cakes, Pies that can all contain Grapes, Raisins, and other ingredients that might not be healthy for your dog at all. 

Dogs are anyway kept away from sugar, and especially on festive nights like these, keep a close eye on your dog as they might also eat something off the floor, which can lead to severe repercussions later on.


As mentioned above, vegetables like Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Anchovies, Chives, etcetera can be gravely harmful to your dogs. 

These vegetables are not served raw but are present in most of the dishes like gravy, dips, any/all cooked vegetables. Even when you serve your dog turkey or salmon or other boiled vegetables as their share of Christmas dinner, make sure you do not give them anything spicy or dipped. 

In any case, if your dog consumes any item from the allium family in abundance, it will lead to Anaemia, where red blood cells start dying.


Alcohol is harmful for dogs
It’s good to keep the Alcohol in Christmas away from your dog as Alcohol is harmful for dogs more than humans.

This does not need to be mentioned as it is considered common knowledge, but alcohol is harmful to dogs. It has much more severe effects on a dog’s body than on humans’. 

This is a well-known traditional drink on Christmas eve but try keeping your dogs far away from this tradition as you might be late noticing the signs of harm this may cause to your dogs’ health.


Food containing high amounts of cheese or anything with high-calorie content must also be avoided. Food items cooked in cheese sauces or eaten with cheese dips should also be kept away from your dogs. 

Since dogs are not used to such food items and do not have the enzymes to break them down, these can prove to be very toxic to their health. 


In the above list of Christmas food for your dogs, I mentioned turkey and salmon, which have bones necessary to be removed. These bones can cause tears and splinters and might even be hard for them to swallow.


Cinnamon sticks harmful for dog
Cinnamon sticks or cinnamon oil are not recommended to leave nearby dogs because if consumed in large quantities, it can cause skin & digestive irritation to your dog.

Dogs might not react immediately to cinnamon, but they are known to irritate our skin and are also inadvisable by American Kennel Club(AKC) as they can cause indigestion. 

Cinnamon is mentioned separately because cinnamon sticks are ubiquitous during Christmas and can be found everywhere. Make sure to not toss around any to your dogs as cinnamon in itself is so harmful, plus it is also going to have an unhealthy amount of sugar.


Artificial sweeteners found abundantly in all festive desserts like pies and cakes are generally not pet friendly. AS like xylitol are considered very harmful for dogs and can induce insulin release on intake. 

They can lower the blood sugar level and can be very hazardous for the liver when taken in excess amounts. 

It is known that the symptoms after the intake of xylitol are a bit slow in showing, but symptoms include 

  • Vomiting, 
  • Convulsions, and 
  • Lethargy. 

So be on the lookout for any of the symptoms mentioned above.


Enjoy with dog on Christmas


Do not let your dogs out of your sight in such a festive household. Either stay with them throughout or keep them in their house or a room where they will not have access to any food leftovers. Or ignorant members of the family who would share with dogs all they are having without knowing whether it is appropriate to share with their dogs or not.


If you notice signs of dizziness, bloating or swelling, or some pain in your dog, do not waste time and immediately consult your doctor because the most obvious cause would be either overfeeding or wrong food item intake.


Moderation is essential for all Christmas food that dogs can eat. Since you are looking for food items to feed your dog during the festive season, please keep in mind that their stomach is not accustomed to this food, and if given in excess, it might affect them adversely. 

Even if you feed them the food items mentioned above under the list of Christmas food to share with your dogs, you can not treat them to what they like in abundance. 

You will have to remember that anything might cause digestive issues as they are not used to human food.


The food items mentioned above are generally okay for dogs to intake but not regardless of everything. Do make sure you take your dog for regular check-ups to find out their allergies so that you can avoid those food items all year round. 

It is very important to keep the allergies in check, as when overlooked, they might cause severe health damage to your dog, which would probably be irrevocable.

White suitor white dog

The festive season is right around the corner, and the excitement is all around, so make sure to have fun with your dogs and indulge them in all the fun activities while keeping in mind everything that was just listed out. 

On the festive and joyous occasion, do not forget that health always comes first. It is more important to keep in mind the health of your dogs as they would not be able to get themselves across, and you have to bear the responsibility of the consequences that would be rendered later on.

Have fun on Christmas with all your family and treat your dogs to something special and festive as you are their only Santa Claus.

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