Is it Okay to Keep Your Puppy in a Dog Cage or Crate?

Are you a proud owner of a dog? If you are here reading this; Yes, I bet you are! 

Have you ever wondered, is owning a puppy cage for your pooch a bright idea? Some people say it is animal abuse to keep them locked up in a cage and some refer to it as a safety measure. 

So, what is the truth? Without further ado, let us solve and discuss this dilemma. 

The most mandatory factor is how you train your dog without abusing him? Check out the ethereal dog training tips and dog tricks for becoming the best dog parent. 

As we use crates for the safety of a baby when we are not around him, we use dog crates for keeping our puppies safe when we are unable to keep an eye on them. Owning a crate/cage is a good decision if you know how to crate train your furry best friend. If not, continue reading.

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Puppy in cage
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Now the question arises “How to crate train a puppy?

” For some of you, it might be challenging to let your dog feel comfortable in the crate, which is the reason your dog will need a dog crate training. 

Given below are some steps and dog training tips that might help you in making your pooch comfortable while living in a cage.

Introduce your dog to the cage

As we feel uncomfortable in a new place at first, your adorable puppy feels the same too. So, you need to familiarize him with the crate/cage.

  • Bring a crate to your house and arrange a cozy sheet inside it. Play with your dog near the cage and if possible, let him enter the cage. Remember to keep the door open. 

Let him be comfortable with the cage by not closing its door so that your pooch may enter and come out of it without any issue. 

  • Give him meals inside the cage

Once your dog starts entering the cage, start feeding him the meal within the cage. 

  • Your dog might feel hesitant at first to eat the meal inside the crate. Once he starts eating close the door and stay nearby, so the dog doesn’t feel uncomfortable. 

Open the door after he finishes eating. Similarly, after every meal increase the time for opening the door. This will develop in him the habit of staying in the cage for an extended period. 

  • Leave him in the cage while you are at home

Once your dog starts eating food in the cage, allow him to stay longer in the cage while you are at home. This is a part of dog training. This removes the fear of the cage from the mind of the dog.

Train your dog to stay for a more extended period while you are at home.

  • Teach him to stay for some time while you are away

After you are done with training your dog to stay in the cage while you are at home, you can head on to the next step. Now you must allow your dog to stay in the cage while you are away. 

Your dog might feel lonely for the first time, but with time he will develop the habit of staying in the cage. Keep his food in the cage so that he doesn’t feel hungry while you are away.

Your dog might feel lonely for the first time, but with time he will develop the habit of staying in the cage. Keep his food in the cage so that he doesn’t feel hungry while you are away.

Benefits of dog crate training

dog in black cage
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Dog crate training can be beneficial in many ways, and some of them are below.

  • A dog will find crate soothing. When the crate becomes part of their everyday activity, they will start feeling calm in it. If the dog crate is supplied with sheets and a bed for the dog to sleep in, he will go inside on his own when he feels tired. Even when they are sick or ill, they might find the environment inside the crate relaxing, which will allow them to heal faster.
  • Not all dogs are comfortable while traveling in a car. It will also be dangerous for you both as your pooch might disturb you while driving. Dog cage also enables a mandatory and convenient mode when traveling on planes. 
  • Dog cage is the safest place for your dog when you are not around. You can work in your office without any stress about your lovely dog’s safety. You can attend all the small visits to your friends and family. 
    Remember not to make your dog wait for too long in the crate at home. Using a crate is just for emergency purposes only.
White puppy in cage in car
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A dog crate is beneficial in behavior modification. Our behavior is defined by the environment we live in. For example, if you scold a child or get angry at him/her, then they will start fearing you, or most probably they will start crying. The same is with the dogs. 

Dog behavior also depends on the environment they live in. If you try to put dogs into the cage/crate while you are angry, then they might think that crate is a place for punishment, and they will try to avoid it. If you treat him with affection and command him to go into the cage with love and kindness, then he will be comfortable with it. 

dog playing with pillow
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You need not worry about your dog while you are away. Most of the time, when they are uncomfortable might end up tearing things apart and can cause chaos in the house, and that’s the reason why you need to confine them while you are away. 

A Dog cage or dog crate provides a better means for your dog to stay in while you are away. A Dog cage is comfortable, and your dog might find it soothing and calm.

Dog cages are best when you want your dog to feel safe. At times, loud music and the sound of fireworks, crackers, etc. make your adorable pooch anxious and scared. This is the time when the dog cage comes to the rescue. They will always feel calm and at ease at times like this.

Sleeping puppy
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These are some useful dog training tips and some steps for dog cage training.  We aspire that now your queries are solved related to the use of dog cage/crate. 

What’s the Reason of Increasing Obesity in Dogs, and How to Solve it

Dogs are adorable pets and love to eat all kinds of food. The majority of dog lovers enjoy the idea of spoiling their dogs with food, and this is very unhealthy.

High consumption of calories can utterly affect dogs’ health, it reduces their ability to be lively, flexible, and fast. Excessive feeding of dogs makes them lazy, inactive, and unable to run; this is what leads to dog obesity.

Obesity is a nutritional disease caused by the uncontrolled consumption of food, especially foods that are rich in carbohydrates.

This disease is detrimental to dog health; it makes their body vulnerable and prone to certain dangerous diseases.

When a dog is suffering from obesity, it becomes difficult for such a dog to live a normal dog life, even when the dog is moderately overweight.

Consequently, obesity has the potential to shorten the lifespan of dogs. Dogs suffering from obesity should be cared for, to avoid sudden death.

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Research has shown that obesity is more prominent in middle-aged dogs than in younger and older dogs, though, obesity attacks dogs of all ages –the younger and older dogs are not left out.

So, measures should be taken to ensure that obese dogs do not remain caged in this terrible condition. This will, in turn, help the dog’s mental and physical health, and also save the owner a lot of stress.

Donuts and Bagel

Food may not be the only cause of obesity in dogs, recent studies show that certain dog breeds have high chances of becoming obese –this is due to their genetic make-up and their inability to resist food.

This unique species of dog have been found to possess a high appetite for foods, unlike other Canines, the example of these species include the spaniels and Labradors.

Obesity is not only prominent in humans, but it is equally suffered by animals, and pets are more liable to be obese than any other domestic or wild animal. Obesity in dogs is mainly inspired by poor dieting and lack of body exercise.

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Dogs should be kept agile and fit, it is in the owner’s interest to create an exercise schedule for his four-legged friend, this will help improve the health state of the dog and keep her far from becoming overweight.

depressed dog | Obesity in Dogs

However, sickness in dogs can also inspire obesity, when a dog suffers from arthritis, she naturally withdraws from physical exercise, and when her physical activity is minimized, obesity begins to set in.

The earlier the disease is treated, the better. When your dog falls sick, don’t delay her treatment, make haste and ensure that necessary medical measures are taken to cure the sickness, because obesity is bound to visit if your dog persists in her habit of continually resting on the floor.

Common dog obesity symptoms

  1. Addition of Weight
  2. Excess body fat
  3. Laziness or unwillingness to exercise
  4. High blood pressure

Obesity is often a result of negligence; dog owners must make a conscious effort in placing their dogs on the right diet plan.

You can consult a veterinarian to guide you through this process or visit any pet food store near you, they will help you create a diet plan and the techniques of incorporating healthy nutrients into their meals.

dog obesity symptoms

The best way to keep dogs away from being overweight is by controlling what they eat; closely monitoring the dog and ensuring she does not go out of her way to eat other unhealthy meals.

Unhealthy food can get the dog sick and when they contract illness, their body becomes weak and prone to more illnesses like heart failure, diabetes, and blood pressure disease.

If your dog is currently exhibiting this lazy attitude, not to worry, there is always a way out. We have curated easy workable ways of caring for dogs and keeping them from being overweight.

Earlier, we mentioned that dogs are at their best when kept under an active exercise routine, on the other hand, they become weak, lazy, and vulnerable when allowed to consume more calories.

Dog Biting Rope | Obesity in Dogs

Dogs don’t just get overweight overnight, there is a measure of calories that brings about body breakdown in dogs, obesity is often caused by accumulation or congestion of un-burnt fats in the organ.

The treatment process will help you understand how obesity can be combated. To get the desired result, you are advised to follow these steps exactly.
  1. Set a daily target for your dog; to stop obesity in dogs, you need to increase their activity level, keep the dog busy with exercise and watch her burn those calories. You can take the dog out on a walk every day, find the time that is most appropriate for you, you can schedule a morning walk, or an evening exercise, whichever works for you.
  2. Stop the dog from eating foods that contain excess fat and carbohydrates; look for alternative meals with lesser calories. See that the dog’s caloric intake is controlled.
  3. Visit a vet for a proper diagnosis. Ensure that the dog takes her medication as prescribed. Your veterinarian can assist you in creating a diet plan for the dog, plus recommendations on how you can control your caloric intake of the dog.

dog regular check up

Recommended Dietary Plan

It is advised that you go for the veterinarian’s recommendations. Although, we recommend that you try dietary protein. Dietary protein has helped a lot of dogs regain wellness, this is because proteins stimulate metabolism, and releases energy to the dog. Proteins also give this great feeling of fullness, when dogs take in proteins; they can stay a long time without feeling hungry. Fiber can also give dogs that satisfaction feeling, but they do not supply as much energy as proteins.

white-dog walking on leash | Obesity in Dogs

Exercise Plan:

  • You are advised to consult a vet before subjecting your dog to any physical exercise; the veterinarian should be able to tell whether your dog is fit for exercise. Certain diseases like arthritis or heart disease can also hinder dogs from engaging in physical exercise, so this illness needs to be treated first. But if your dog does not have any of these diseases, you can move on to the exercise level. We recommend that you take your dog on a Leash walk, maybe a 20-30 minutes leash walk, twice a day, this will go a long way in improving the health of the dog.
  • Feel free to attempt other games like the fetch game. This game keeps the dog busy running about, trying to fetch whatever you throw at her. At this stage, don’t forget to monitor the progress of the dog’s health, and when you do, communicate accordingly to the veterinarian. With time, you will begin to feel the joy of watching your little puppy bask in sound health.

Bathing Dog With the Right Shampoo- The Perfect Secret to Shiny, Silky, and Smooth Hair

“There is no other friend as loyal and as loving as a dog.”

This is a true statement that has been proven for ages since ancient times. Dogs love their humans to the extent of making them their entire world until death. They are playful and a constant companion all day and all night long.

Like humans, dogs also get dirty and sweaty and need cleaning. However, unlike us, dogs cannot take showers regularly, nor can we use any random cleansing agent for them. Specifically created dog shampoos and cleansing agents are always recommended.

How important is it to bathe a dog?

As mentioned above, unlike us, dogs cannot take a bath every day. Their body produces natural oil that creates a waterproof undercoat and helps in maintaining the core balance of the body. Regular washing will only remove this oil layer and cause unnecessary health ailments.

Besides that frequency of bathing the dog also depends on a few specific facts like –

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pomeranian dog
pomeranian dog
  • Hair length of the dog – Dogs with long hair coats often catch too much debris and dirt that needs regular cleaning. While dogs with short hair coat tend to get very less dirt accumulation on their jacket. Depending on such a situation, a dog should be bathed once a week to once a month.
  • Daily activity routine – In case you have a working or hunting dog that loves to run around and play in water or pool of mud, or roll and dig around then it is definite that they will need regular cleaning if not a proper bath. Extra care should be taken to clean their paws and claws and areas near their snout and ears where debris is quickly accumulated.
  • Allergies and skin condition – In case of itchy and flaky skin or any other such skin condition, they may need more or less frequent bath sessions. That is based on the instruction of the vet.

Grooming your dog the right way

Man brushing a dog
Man brushing a dog

Grooming is a fundamental necessity if you have a dog at home. While some dogs need daily grooming session, most only needs grooming once a week. Grooming is essential, especially during the shedding season. Brushing and removing the shed hair clogs helps in reducing the discomfort your dog faces during this change.

Like us, human, dog hair also tends to grow at an alarmingly fast rate. If not groomed and trimmed regularly, it is easy to see deadlocks and hair clogs forming. Grooming is an essential part of day to day life of a dog.

It is often advised to use a pet-specific blow dryer after bathing the dog, to remove the extra fur and also dry their coat sooner. Regular grooming initiates the growth of shiny and glossy hair.

Use dryer that is low in temperature and suitable for dog’s skin
Use dryer that is low in temperature and suitable for dog’s skin

If you are new to the world of dogs and having a puppy at home who needs to be trained and taken care of then create your dog profile now at for regular grooming and training tips.

Can human shampoo be used for our dogs?

No, not. Imagine trying to wash your hair with laundry detergent. It won’t be even a few weeks before your hair will start to shed wildly and your scalp will have flakes of skin dropping left and right.

Dogs have far more sensitive skin than we humans. They need to maintain a very delicate pH balance of 5.5 to 7 depending on the breed. This low pH level indicates higher alkalinity, which is contradictory to human skin which has more acidity to it.

Bathe your dog with home-made shampoo

Once the human shampoo is used on the dogs, the pH balance is wholly ruined, thus paving the way for all kinds of microorganisms to attack and grow on the dog’s skin and hair. This also, therefore, initiates massive skin dryness and abnormal hair shedding.

In case you are out of dog shampoo, you can use the baby shampoo once or twice at the maximum, but not more as the pH level of the baby shampoo is slightly lower.

What are the chemicals that are harmful to dogs?

There are numerous shampoos available in the market for dogs that claim to be the best. However, while selecting the right shampoo for your dogs, make sure that a few certain chemicals are indeed absent from the composition of the shampoo that you picked for the dog.

These specific chemicals include –

  • Artificial color and scent or fragrance
  • Mineral oils like Phthalates, paraben, formaldehyde, etc.
  • Cocamide DEA
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
  • Polysorbates
  • Methylchloroisothiazolinone

These chemicals over the period lead to serious health ailments in dogs like Cancer, excessive hair falls with balding patches, itching, and other random skin infections and conditions, Blindness, Loss of senses like smell and sight, etc.

Dog scratch
Chemicals can cause allergy and skin infection.

Which do veterinary experts recommend the best shampoos?

Just like humans, dog shampoo should be chosen based on the requirement of the dog. While selecting the right shampoo, the factors that should be considered include –

  • Skin type
  • Presence or absence of fleas and ticks
  • Skin conditions like rashes and itches
  • Odor
  • Kind of fur coat and the length of the coat
  • The age of the dog
  • The shine of the coat
  • Colour of the coat

Based on the criteria above, selecting the right shampoo becomes one step easier.

The best and most recommended shampoos for dogs of 2019 includes –

Best Scented Dog Shampoo: 

  • Fresh ‘n’ Clean Scented Shampoo 
  • Natural Chemistry Natural Lavender Shampoo

Best Waterless shampoo for dogs: 

  • Miracle Coat Dog Spray-On Shampoo

Best Dog Shampoo for Sensitive Skin:

  • Pro Pet Works Natural Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner at Amazon
  • 4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo
  • Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

Best Dog Shampoo for Shedders: 

  • FURminator deShedding Ultra Premium Dog Shampoo
  • Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Shampoo with Colloidal Oat Flour & Honey for Dogs

Best Dog Shampoo for Dry Skin: 

  • Radiance Naturals Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo
  • Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Conditioner

Best Flea and tick dog shampoo

  • Adams Flea and Tick Cleansing Shampoo 

Best Shampoo for Puppies: 

  • Wahl Puppy Shampoo 

What is the natural alternative that can be used instead of shampoo?

One of the best natural alternatives to shampoo is a simple DIY pack made out of Oatmeal and aloe vera gel. This natural Oatmeal shampoo is perfect for dogs with sensitive skin.

diy shampoo
Make your own dog shampoo at home

Ground oatmeal should be mixed with an equal portion of water and aloe vera gel and left to soak for about 30 minutes. Once absorbed, it should be rubbed all over the dog’s body in the form of a scrub and massaged for a few minutes.

The process is similar to that of shampooing. A few minutes of lather later, washing away with cold water is sufficient. The Oatmeal helps in relieving itchiness by removing the ticks, and dry, scaly skin, and the aloe vera acts as a natural hydration agent, thus improving the natural moisture of the body.

Contrary to popular belief, dogs also need care and love. Their happiness, beauty, and innocence are worth it only if you love and cherish them well.

For more grooming tips on bathing a dog watch this video:

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11 Ways to Know Your Dog Loves You or Not

Having a dog is wonderful. When there is no one, you can be sure that your dog is there for you. His innocent face and adorable gestures can definitely make you smile after a hectic day.  All in all, you certainly love your dog. But do you feel uncertain about whether your dog loves you or not?

Here are a few signs with which you can tell that.

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1. Yawning

Dog Yawning

A study has mentioned that dogs are more likely to yawn more along with their parents than with a human stranger.

In the same study, it’s mentioned that yawing at the same time can be a sign of empathy.

So, next time when your dog yawns together with you, understand that probably your dog loves you.

2. Tail Wagging

When a dog wags his tail while being with you, it’s conventionally assumed that he is happy with you. Also as per studies, it’s a sign of affection.

Dog Tail Wagging

A relaxed dog can wag her tail more easily and dogs are relaxed when they feel good about their parents.

However, if a dog’s muscles are stiff but still he is wagging his tail, it may be a sign of an angry dog.

3. Big Welcome

If your dog gets excited to see you whether, after ten minutes or ten days, it’s definite that your dog loves you.

It may be quite obvious that this type of big welcome is a display of love, but it’s confirmed by research.

4. Eye Contact

When it’s about humans, eye contact is considered positive. When a person looks directly into your eyes, it probably means that he is interested in what you want to say.

Smiling dog

However, dogs among themselves make eye contact to show hatred. But still, when dogs look directly in their parents’ eyes, it means they love their parents.

So, next time when your puppy looks at you when you look at her, understand that your dog loves you and rejoice.

5. Eyebrow Lifting

Pay attention to your dog’s face to know your dog. A study in Japan states that dogs lifted their eyebrows (particularly the left one) right upon meeting their parents.

Well, this adorable gesture is more than just that. It’s one of the dog signs of love towards the parents.

6. Cuddling

It’s cute to see a dog cuddling, but actually, it’s much more than that. As per the research, dog parents should be happy when their dogs curl up with them.

They could cuddle up and sleep anywhere, but they chose to do it with you, which means that they are happy with you.

7. Stealing Your Clothes

It may be quite annoying to chase your pooch across your home as he runs away with your shirt or underwear. But you may feel happy when you learn that this type of stealing is in fact a gesture of love.

Dogs’ life experiences are based on scents and when they love you, they love your scent too. To get that smell, they may run away with your clothes.

8. Leaning Against You

As per research, your dog leans against you when he wants to cuddle, wants something, feels anxious, or is seeking some additional security or comfort.

man hugging a dog

Whatever she wants, her leaning against you shows that she feels safe and secure, and is another way of showing her love.

9. Smile

If you sometimes feel that your dog smiles at you, you may not probably be just imagining it. It’s not just a random gesture done by a dog with the corners of his mouth.

Studies note that an open and relaxed mouth of a dog (or smile) shows that she is feeling affectionate and happy.

10. Sleeping Near You

Dogs show the love they would have for their pack members in the wild to the humans they love who love them. Keep in mind that dogs too are pack animals at heart.

Dog Sleeping on bed

11. Getting Excited to Hear Your Voice

After a hard day, there’s nothing as nice as your dog jumping happily towards you when you call her name.

It’s even more fascinating when she is engaged in chewing her favorite toy or checking a scent, and stops doing that to come and welcome you.

Barack Obama playing with his pet

These are simple signs with which you can be sure that your dog loves you. Pay attention to them and you’ll find that your dog hates you or loves you.

However, if you find that he doesn’t, think about it instead of getting annoyed at him and love him even more and he’ll definitely reciprocate because dogs are not humans and so, they are appreciative.

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10 Ultimate Christmas Gift for Your Dogs in 2022

Dogs have been a part of life since the advent of humanity on this planet. Their bond with humans is something that’s more of an enigma than just love and adoration for each other.

It is said that dogs understand even the smallest of emotional changes in people which often goes unnoticed by the rest.

If you are one of those humans who has a dog that you adore and love, then it is the perfect time for you to get something special for it.

Adoration often does not mean you have to have a pet dog at home. It can be a neighbor’s dog or even a stray. What matters is the feelings involved.

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Christmas tree | Christmas Gift

Christmas is right around the corner and it is a happy time for sure. Amidst all the gift exchange and scrumptious dinner plans, why not get that particular Dog also something to be pleased about?

Dog accessories are now readily available online as well as offline to choose from.

The ten most trending ideas for dogs as gifts include

Doggy Hoodie – One of the most purchased dog gifts on Amazon was Hoodies for dogs.

Winter is here, and we all know how chilling the weather can get. Dogs do have a natural protective coat, but a bit of extra warmth only makes life easier.

Dog clothing

Dog hoodies often come in all-weather variants, so they can also be used at any time of the year. Besides that, you surely can never deny the fact that doggie hoodies look adorable on them.

Heated Pet Bed – Heated Pet beds are one of the best gifts for dogs. It often warms them up as they snuggle there on a wintery night.

The beds generally have an internal thermostat and have very low wattage, thus making them safe for pets.

In the case of dogs that prefer sleeping outside, a Heated pet bed is an excellent option. The mattress keeps them warm and dry despite the weather.

Furbo Dog Camera – This is one of the best dog gifts of 2022. It is uniquely suited for people who have to leave their dogs alone at home for a long time due to work.

Dog camera
Image Credit:

Furbo is a two-way dog camera that allows your pet to hear you as you speak and listen to him. They also have a separate dog treat section that can be operated using your smartphone.

You can direct Furbo to throw treats whenever you want and also keep your Dog’s mischief in control.

Pet and Person Rocking Chair – Dogs love to cuddle up either on you or somewhere by your side. The sofa or chair is not always spacious enough for that.

How about getting the Pet and Person Rocking chair so that both of you can enjoy some lazy rocking time together?

Doggie Fountain – Dogs love water as much as fish do. Specially fountains. But installing a fountain is not a viable option at all times.

Doggie fountain is the perfect Christmas gift for dogs. A straightforward and small unit, It only sprays out water sprouts every time your Dog presses the paw-shaped button. It’s fun and keeps them interested for long.

Dog accessories
Image Credit:

Dog Teepee – Dogs love a cozy corner where they can snuggle up and enjoy some quiet time once in a while. Dog Teepee is a refreshing upgrade from the regular beds you see everywhere.

If you are planning for a dog-themed Christmas gift, then getting a Dog teepee is an excellent idea for sure.

Mini Doggie Pool – Splashing in water can be fun but not a viable option at all times. Considering the people who live in condos and apartments, finding a dog-friendly pool is not always easy.

So, why not gift your Dog a mini pool of his own this Christmas season? It’s fun, practical and not harsh on the pockets.

Dog toys | Christmas Gift
Image Credit:

Lobeve Dog Toy Set – One of the most popular dog gifts that never go out of fashion is the toy set. Dogs love their toys and often have that one toy they cuddle to sleep with.

Lobeve Dog Toy set comes in a collection of 4 to 8 toys that are not just eco-friendly but also resistant to wear and tear of dogs chewing them all the time.

Pet Collar – Pet collar gives dogs an elegant and unique look. Besides being cute, it also serves multiple purposes.

This Christmas why not get your favorite Dog a boy tie styled Dog collar in the color of Christmas?

Pet collar
Image Credit:

Whistle GPS tracker – One of the most trending gift ideas for dogs this year is the Whistle GPS tracker. Dogs love to run and chase, but a leash often restricts their movements.

We do not want them to get lost or stolen but once in a while a bit of freedom is not a bad idea.

The whistle is a GPS Tracker-fitted pet collar that can be easily maneuvered using your smartphone. So in case, your Dog is off-leash chasing ducks and pigeons, you can keep track of where he is going smoothly and follow.

Bully Sticks and Kong Toys are two classic dog gifts that can never go out of trend, nor can any dog hates them ever. Versatile and favorite of the canines, these two are among the best gifts for dogs.

These can be a bit of extra love and often combined with the special Christmas dog gift.

Dog playing with a toy | Christmas Gift
Image Credit:

While Bully Sticks are healthy and great chewable treats for the Dog, Kong Toy is a great way to improve the intelligence of your Dog as he plays with the toy that has food inside it.

Kong Toys also improves their level of patience and makes them proactive participants in the game.

In case you know a dog that you love and adore why not create your pet’s social profile

Dogs are often regarded as the best natural cure for many different kinds of mental issues, from social anxiety to depression; they are a solution to it all. But what many of us don’t know is that even if they feel the same mental pain and many dogs often have scars too deep and too broad.

Helping at least one such Dog is equal to saving one innocent life from something worse.
So next time around you want a dog to love and cherish, don’t buy adopt a rescued one.

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4 Important Things You Need to Know About Pet Adoption

Planning a Pet Adoption?

When you plan to adopt a pet, it’s not just you that offers a few things like food and shelter to the pet, but the adopted pet to offers you a lot more. Pets are known to love nonchalantly, unconditionally, loyally and heartily, something which you can hardly get from humans.

In that case, it just makes sense to adopt a pet rather than buying one from a pet store or breeder, because pets in pet shelters are in actual need of good homes.

Aspiring pet parents are often confused about pet adoption because they don’t know many things. Here are the 4 things that you should know about pet adoption because knowing them you’ll really wish to adopt a pet.

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1. For Pet Adoption, Shelter Pets Tend to be Better than those from Pet Shops or Breeders

Puppy in a shelter | Pet Adoption

Several people looking for having a pet are under the impression that shelter pets are damaged goods. They assume that animals are sent to shelters only when something problematic happens to their health or temperament. This is a misconception.

Most shelter pets are available for adoption only after they are cleared by a vet and sometimes are even well-trained. You can rest assured about the pet’s health because you can get the full information of the appropriate current health condition of your new four-legged or winged friend with full medical records.

On the contrary, pet shops and breeders may not follow the best protocols for pet health and you may not be sure about the current condition of the pet or its genetic indicators for any diseases. (This may be even true for shelter pets regarding the genetic indicators, but it’s not because the reports are withheld but only because they don’t exist). Some pet stores are even infamous for poor pet hygiene.

Dog in a cage

The several reasons for which animals are brought to shelters have mostly to do with humans and not the animals. Some of the reasons are:

    • Parents moved to a house where pets are not allowed.
    • The parent can no longer give time to the pet.
    • The parent can no longer afford the pet.
    • Too many littermates or no room for them.
    • Pet allergies.
    • Parent’s personal problem.

All these reasons are problems of pet parents and not of the pets themselves.

2. You can adopt Rare Breeds of dogs

Rare dog breed | Pet Adoption

You might be dreaming all the time of having a special breed like French bulldog or ragdoll cat, and in your opinion, these breeds can never be found when you choose cat or puppy adoption. But this is not true. There are several shelters that get rare and special breeds regularly.

You can even sign up for a waiting list to get notification first. Some people also seek particular “traits” e.g. declawed cats, but might haven’t done the procedure themselves. (Declawing is supposed to be cruel in several states and countries, and is usually illegal too. Nevertheless, it’s still carried out in certain parts of the country. Thus it’s not impossible to find a declawed cat as a rescue and enjoy benefits like no scratches without having to harm an animal yourself).

puppy with a tongue out

You should also remember that the pet that wins your heart might not look at all like what you had dreamed of. The solution is to visit shelters and try to interact with various animals to match your requirements in a potential pet. It’s best to have an open mind.

3. Get all the information about the Pet being adopted

Many people think that pet shelters don’t tell them anything about the pet. But the fact is just the opposite i.e. you can get more information about the pet you wish to adopt than at a pet store or a breeder.

cute puppy

Volunteers or staff at pet shelters can usually tell you about the pet’s habits and personality in detail. At a bare minimum, you can know from the shelter staff if the pet is a parent surrender (and not a stray) and if it is so, you can get information about what the parent said about the pet.

Oftentimes, pets are left to shelters because of the financial or housing issues of the parent. You can know about the health as well as behavioral changes faced by the pet after arriving at the shelter. On the contrary, owners of pet stores hardly know what a pet can be like in a home.

4. Adopting a Senior Pet is a Better Option than a Younger One

Senior dog | Pet Adoption

If we take an example of dogs, puppies are so cute, but to adopt a puppy needs a lot of work. They have to be trained and socialized. On the other hand, senior dogs are already house-trained and usually know many basic commands.
So, are you planning to adopt a pet at the earliest?

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This is Why Your Dog is Depressed

Is your dog acting weirdly suddenly? Or is your dog refusing to play with you, even when you give them unrestricted access to their favorite toys? If this is the case, then it is a high chance that you have a depressed dog. First and foremost, one of the usual causes of dog depression is that they do not feel enough tender loving care from you. There are other silent signs too that you might not be too aware of. So, here are the top 10 silent signs that your dog is depressed.

Sudden aggressiveness

Dogs that are suffering from depression might start to show sudden signs of aggressiveness. Of course, if your dog is always aggressive, then it shouldn’t be worrying. The only worrying sign is a normally docile dog suddenly snaps at you. That you should worry.

Loss of appetite


All dogs like to eat, and if the dog is showing signs of not wanting to eat, then it can be a sign that they are showing signs of being a depressed dog. Of course, depression isn’t the sole cause of the lack of appetite. It can be a sign of some medical problem that warrants a visit to the vet.

Tearing up the house

More often than not, a sad dog might tear up the house and be completely destructive. If you come home only to see shredded papers or torn furniture, then it is a sign of depression in the dog.

No interest in playing

black and white dog

A depressed dog will be totally disinterested in playing even with their favorite toys. But that does not mean you should stop playing with them. In fact, is your depressed dog refuses to play with the toys, you should try and slowly bring them back to their usual self by attempting to play with them.

Sleeping more often

One of the most obvious depression symptoms is when your dog is starting to sleep more often than usual. When coupled with their lack of interest in playing as well as the loss of appetite, it is a clear sign that your dog is sad.

Sleeping dog

If this is the case, you should try to be with them more often than usual, as sometimes it can be as simple as spending quality time with them that will solve all problems.

Not adhering to toilet trained rules

If your dog has been properly toilet trained, and yet they started to pee and poop randomly around the house, then you will need to wonder if there is anything that you have done recently to make the dog sad.


It can range from removing or washing their favorite toy, or there can be a new addition to the family, and hence the dog feeling sad because they feel that they are not in the center of attraction. Hence, in order for them to get the necessary attention, they will start to flout all the rules that you have set in the family.

Ignoring you

If your dog is obedient and responds to you normally, it will be worrying if the dogs start to ignore you. This is akin to a child ignoring the parents when they are feeling sad or depressed.

Increased licking


While it is common for cats to constantly lick at themselves to clean themselves up, it is actually worrying for dogs to do the same. This is because when dogs do this, it is a sign that they are trying to soothe, or calm themselves down. Indeed, if the dog has anxiety issues, they will lick constantly at themselves.

Increased time spent in the dog crate

short-coated tan and white dog

Dog crates are meant to be a place whereby the dog can seek solace in whenever they feel sad. Hence, if your dog is spending too much time in the dog crate, then it is a clear sign that they are depressed, and it warrants rectification from you.

This is actually simple, as all you need to do is to cajole your dog and let them know that you still love them!


There are times whereby your dog might hide underneath the sofa, the bed or even digging away the clothes and sitting in the closet. This is one of the surest signs that the dog is depressed. This might occur when you have left the house, and the dog’s separation anxiety sets in.

If your dog is showing signs of depression symptoms, then what are the things that you can do? First and foremost, one of the usual causes of dog depression is that they do not feel enough tender loving care from you.

The Happy Doggo

In short, the dog needs attention, and if they are being devoid of attention, they will start to feel depressed. This can range from you scolding them excessively, or when there is a new addition to the family.

In the event that the symptoms still persist even after you show them enough care, then a trip to the vet will be warranted.

4 Things You Must be Missing Out While Choosing the Perfect Dog Breed for You

If you decide to bring a new dog to your home, you should understand that it’s a major decision. You should be ready for a dog and should also consider the cost of pet parenthood. Remember that owning a dog needs a firm commitment. If you have considered all these things and are firm on your decision, the next question to think upon is which one of the best dog breed will be perfect for you.

You have to consider so many factors while deciding to own a dog, such as your family, lifestyle, children, allergies, people who can bear only low-shedding dog breeds, and also, the dog’s age, size, and activity level. Think upon the following points while choosing a perfect dog for you.

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1. Dog Size

There are high chances that when you plan to have a dog, you have also decided to choose either a small dog breed like a tiny lap dog or a medium-sized dog or a giant-sized dog. If you haven’t yet decided the size or is not being able to decide, a medium-sized dog breed may be a good option.

Group of dogs

Note that certain small dog breeds are very delicate and vulnerable. Since they are so small, they may be stepped on. And even mishandling them can cause severe injury. Also, small dogs may be relatively more sensitive to colder temperatures; so, you should be prepared to help keep them warm. Another thing you should be prepared for is that small dogs may often develop “tough dog” attitudes, perhaps as compensation for their tiny size. Such dogs will need obedience training.

In the case of large dogs, you have to provide them with enough space to move around. There is something called “wagging space” needed by big, happy dogs having a long, whip-like tail to avoid injury to the tail or damage to household items.

Expense is certainly an important factor to consider. The larger the size of the dog, the higher his expense is for things like food, medications and medical treatments and other supplies.

2. Energy Level

You might know that some dogs are more energetic than others. Often the energy level is determined by dog breed, but it’s not always the deciding factor.

Dogs need regular exercise, irrespective of size or breed. So, you should provide it. If you cannot provide more than one or two walks every day, you should perhaps choose a less active dog breed, like a Basset Hound.

But if you want a high-energy dog that can accompany you in jogging, running and other exercise and plays, consider a high-energy dog breed like a Border Collie.


Be prepared to adjust to the level of exercise and attention you have to give to your dog. If your dog is continuously barking, destroying your belongings, digging up your yard or acting weird, most probably she needs extra activities.

Excess energy is the root cause of several behavioral problems. Sadly, dog parents often give up their dogs or euthanize them due to behavioral problems, which can be avoided with the right amount of attention and exercise.

3. Dog Breed

A cute French bulldog winking

Some people are more keen to get a particular dog breed for different reasons. They might have spent plenty of time with that breed in their life or they were perhaps raised around that breed. Or they may love the way that dog breed looks and acts. Or they may think that the breed is just right for them from what they have heard or read about that breed.

If you seek a purebred dog, make sure to research well. Find out more about the breed’s temperament, health problems, grooming needs, and other things so as to decide whether you can take up the challenges associated with that breed.
Also, make sure the breed will fit perfectly in your family, including other pets.

On the other hand, mixed-breed dogs can also be a great option for you. They are a combination of two or more breeds due to which their physical characteristics and personalities are often balanced.


Regarding how your puppy will look when grown-up cannot be predicted, neither are the health problems. As per several experts, mixed breed dogs are tougher than purebred dogs regarding health problems. In general, mixed breed dogs are intelligent and good-natured.

4. Physical Maintenance

All types of dogs need basic grooming. However, certain dog breeds need more than that due to their type of coat. If your dog has hair that continuously grows, you’ll need advanced routine grooming. Most smooth-coated, short-haired dogs are huge shedders, so, you have to be ready to do some additional cleanup.


Dogs with long ears tend to have ear infections and need frequent ear cleaning. Certain other types of dogs may do a great amount of drooling. So, you’ve to carry a “slobber cloth” to wipe the drool.

Hopefully, you can now choose a perfect dog for you with these tips

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This is What You Must be Lacking in Your Dog’s Health

You are happy when your dog is happy. If your dog is constantly barking, digging the yard, chewing furniture, scratching, has become inactive or has an upset stomach, you too are disturbed. But then what are the ways to keep your dog healthy and happy? Although it’s advisable to consult your vet always about your dog’s health, there are some safe home remedies that you can try.
Here are a few along with those which you should discuss with your vet.

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Here are a few along with those which you should discuss with your vet.

1. Proper Nutrition

Healthy fruits for dogs

Your pet is at great risk of gaining weight when everyone in the family gives him a treat for doing something adorable and it leads to obesity-related diseases.

Your dog has no idea what to eat to maintain a healthy weight. It’s your duty to consult your vet and give your pooch proper nutrition so that he can get all the essential nutrients and maintain a healthy weight.

Typically pets can fulfill their nutritional requirements with a balanced diet. But you should consult your vet to check if she needs any supplements. Also, make sure you give her ample water to keep her properly hydrated. It’s needless to say that food and water bowls should be regularly cleaned to avoid any infections.

2. Keep Your Dog Active

Active Dog, playing with a toy - Dog’s Health

Being active is one of the major healthy dog signs.

Dogs that are inactive can become obese and sick. Provide your dog with ample exercises, like walking, hiking, swimming and fetching things. Also, providing him with toys, creating obstacle courses, etc. are good ideas to motivate them to become active.

Another good idea is to change your routes for dog walks so that her interest is maintained to see new vistas and experience new scents.

3. Throw Away Fleas

dog getting a shower at home

Fleas are a common nuisance for pets and cause them to scratch continuously and get irritated. You should regularly give a bath to your pet with flea shampoos and eliminate those pesky creatures that can cause signs of an unhealthy dog.

Regarding how often you should give such a bath, consult your vet, because too much bathing can make your dog loses his coat’s shine and health.

4. Prevention of Ear Infections

Excessive water in your dog’s ears can cause pain in her ears. Therefore before giving her a bath, don’t forget to place a cotton ball dipped in baby oil in each of her ears to prevent water from entering her ears. Just don’t fail to remove the cotton balls later.

5. Regular Checkup and Preventative Medications

Dog’s Regular Checkup | Dog’s Health

An annual checkup is a good idea because you can know upfront if your dog is having any health issue and then you can get him treated on time.

This also includes yearly dental checkups. Spotting any dental problems early on can save your dog from the issue getting severe and incurable in the long run. Plus it helps to remove plaque and tartar. Brushing her teeth regularly and giving her dental chews are also preventative measures against periodontal disease, which can in turn cause more serious health issues.

Similarly, preventative medications can help you keep your beloved pooch free from certain dangerous health issues, like heartworm, and some tick-borne and flea-borne diseases.

6. Addressing Mental Issues with Love and Training

When you bring a dog home, it’s your duty to see that he gets proper attention and affection from you. Especially some dog species are very sensitive to neglect and may suffer from problems like separation anxiety disorder or depression. In that case, they start behaving weird, barking continuously, chewing furniture, tearing household items, etc.
Addressing Mental Issues

It’s obvious that you should give your dog a lot of love and attention. Plus some other things may also help, such as indoor potty training which frees them from the worry of holding their pee, thereby relieving their anxiety.

Other types of training also helps break their anxiety by instilling discipline to overcome their woes. The training should be focused on keeping calm, particularly when you leave home for work etc.

7. Socialization

The American Animal Hospital Association states that early socialization in dogs and correct exposure to different people and scenarios at a young age reduces the chances of scarily aggressive and antisocial behaviors as an adult.

Pet socialising with other dogs and humans | Dog’s Health

Whether it’s a puppy or a kitten, their formative years i.e. from a few weeks to around 16 to 18 weeks is the most important period for socialization. Therefore, make sure you introduce your dog to many people and animals not only during the early months but all through their life.

Visiting friends and family, and dog parks, and also letting them spend some time in daycare are some good ideas. Just get your dog cleared from your vet.

You have to get habituated to take these measures regularly because your dog is your responsibility and making her a happy dog is your duty. Happy dog parenting!

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What is the Best Way to Improve Your Dog’s Life?

Having a lovely, lively dog in your house can be bliss for a pet lover. But unlike humans, pets can tell their concerns and grievances to us, which can make it rather difficult to read their behavior at times. This is why you can do a few things differently that will change and improve your dog’s life in many simple ways for which he will definitely thank you. Here are a few tips and tricks:

Give Your Dog Undivided Attention

Your dog is your baby. And like babies, dogs need your attention. Dogs are extremely social, which is why humans have domesticated them for a very long time.

Just like other social beings, dogs can get upset and feel ignored if not given the right amount of attention or interaction. So make sure you spend quality time with your dog.

dog walking on leash | Dog’s Life

Take him to a park, play with him in the garden or take them along on a drive in the city. But do keep your cell phone away and let your dog feel loved and cared for.

Make Training Sessions Short and Fun

A dog is always looking to learn new activities and getting to know its surroundings. The better a dog knows its surroundings, the more secure it feels. So why not make the task easier for him through training sessions?

The right training sessions make your dog curious to learn more and explore better. It is one of the easiest ways to improve your dog’s life.

Activities such as holding a treat in one of your hands and making the dog guess which hand holds the treat, playing hide and seek with your dog, hide a treat somewhere in the house and help the dog search for it are great enrichment ideas. Also, ensure in the dog training, videos you make your dog watch are short, which helps capture their attention.

Let Your Dog Explore the Outdoors

The curiosity dogs come with, it would be extremely ideal to let your dog do things he loves to do outdoors.

let dog explore the outdoor

Dogs love to dig, chase and herd, which are their natural instincts. This not only helps them fight boredom for the times you are busy but also boosts their metabolism and healthy bodily functions, in short, it extends Dog’s Life expectancy.

Always Check Your Dog’s Collar

It can be difficult to judge which collar, harness or vest may be good for your dog. Which is why it is best to check from time to time whether your dog is feeling comfortable or not.

Before taking your dog out on a walk, ensure that the collar isn’t too tight or too loose. This can be a great way to make sure your dog is comfortable in the long run.

Don’t Pet Your Dog Constantly

Another easy way to ensure your dog feels comfortable around you is to not pet them too much. Stop once a while, take a break, which allows your dog to take its time and relax.

man petting his dog | Dog’s Life

Constant petting can be unwelcome sometimes and the dog might not come to you in times of distress because he know once the petting starts, it won’t stop.

Pausing during petting sessions can make your dog come back to you again and again. Dogs are inevitable social beings and love to cuddle. So if your dog comes to you and nudges or paws you, do pet him, but with breaks.

Constant Drinking Water Supply

Dogs can get really thirsty during summertime and thus need a drink more than often.

You can put a reminder to refill their drinking pan every hour with cold water. Your dog will literally thank you for it. This is one of the many vital tips on how to make your dog live longer.

Brush Your Dog Regularly

Dog hair can be a problem for the dog if its allergic to certain things. Brushing your dog’s hair regularly can help you spot any allergies or figure out your dog’s discomfort easily.

brush your dog regularly | Dog’s Life

Plus it soothes the dog and helps him relax. You may also use a wet glove to smoothen out the hair and then run a brush through it.

You should check out what things you should not be missing when you groom your dog.

Make Dog Treats at Home

All dogs are different and have different food preferences. Therefore, if you find your dog not particularly attracted to any dog treats available in the market, perhaps it’s time to make some on your own.

You can combine your dog’s favorite food items and invent a special dish for him. Add more nutrients and make sure what you serve to your dog is wholesome.

Also, you can check out some amazing easy DIY dog treats here.

DIY dog treats

Make a Doggy Bed on Your Own

Doggy beds can be quite expensive these days, and quite not the worth. If you don’t wish to fish out the amount to buy one for your dog, it can be a great idea to make a bed at home all by yourself!

There are many DIY videos that show just how to make a dog bed on your own and they are pretty easy too!

Make Pet Travel Easy and Fun

Travelling can be extremely distressing for your pet, especially if it’s a plane, he has to get on. Therefore it’s ideal to be prepared before the trip.

Make sure your dog is comfortable in the crate you got for him for the travel period. Keep your dog’s favorite toy and other playthings inside so he doesn’t feel too anxious.

You won’t be allowed to feed him six hours prior to hopping on the plane. Therefore prepare him for the process accordingly and help him be less anxious.

If you take care of these things, your dog or puppy is surely gonna have a healthy happy life.

Tell us How would you try to improve your dog’s life.