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Origin:  Japan

Group:  Utility

Origin of Name:   Akita, the name draws its inspiration from the place where it was developed in. It was bred in the northernmost region in the island Honshu in the Akita prefecture. The ancestry maybe still shrouded in history but the name is something that everyone is certain about.

SizeEffortsSheddingMonthly keeping cost
LargeRegular Grooming, Regular Exercise, Firm HandlingNegligible
Hair Everywhere
8,000 2,500
Akita Dog Breed Information
  • Life Span*10 to 12 years
  • Getting a puppy home*Extravagant *
  • Popularity
    Star Super star
  • Availability
    Rare Easy to get

Akita is not for everyone; this is a majestic breed to look at but will not be a good option for the first time owners. They need experienced handling and has been especially developed in the polar environment of Japan. As most of the breeds in the Asian countries, Akita also has been closely associated with royalty. In fact it is believed that in Japan when someone is sick or pregnant, a small statue of an Akita is given to bring in wealth and luck into the family.

Akita Inu is an excellent guard dog and can be quiet protective when it comes to guarding his or her own family. They have a double layer coat, that helped them to survive the cold and harsh winters of the upper reaches of Japan and there robust body helps them to easily scale the snow covered mountains. This will not be the right breed to keep in warmer places.

This is generally a healthy breed and does not suffer from many health issues. It is prone to the common ailments associated with the giant breed. This is an extremely active large breed dog that will be your fatihful companion for life. So, Akita will not be the perfect choice for smaller spaces such as apartments and condominiums. In this following write up we will help you to understand your Akita better and if you are a prospective owner then we will help you evaluate your decision before taking the plunge.


Japenese Akita was bred in Japan and is one of the few breeds that has the esteemed designation of being a Natural Monument. The breed is considered to be the National dog of Japan.

The ancestors of this breed are not known clearly though most scholars widely believe that they are the descendants of the Spitz family. There are many who believe that Akitas was bred to be pit fighting dogs for various events that took place in 17th, 18th and 19th century. Since their introduction, they have been widely used in various different utilities such guard and police dog services across Japan.

Unique Aspects

If you are smitten by an Akita inu, it is very important to know some things that will help you understand them better. These are just a few pointers that make your Akita different from the other dog breeds in the canine kingdom.

One of the foremost things to remember when getting an Akita is that this is a temperamental dog that can at times turn to aggression as well. If you have a prolonged eye contact with this breed then he or she might find this as a challenge and even respond aggressively at times. They can even turn dominant towards the same sex dogs as they might find it as a tussle to establish their supremacy. If you have another pet then think twice before getting this breed home.

Your Akita is a large breed dog so they are not the perfect pets for apartments and condominiums style of living and is certainly not for the first time owners. You will not be able to handle this pet. This is a breed only for experienced owners.

Fun Trivia

Akita is one of the most celebrated breeds of the dog world. Their loyalty has given them the name of loyal patrons around the world. Here are a few references of this breed in popular culture
Movie Character
One of the most famous movies of all times is Hachiko, which is based on an Akita. It was the adaptation from the true story which occurred in Japan. A professor owned an Akita and everyday this dog would go to the station to greet him. Then one day the professor died on the way but till the day the dog was alive he would go to the station in the hope to greet his master. This movie made international waves.
Celebrity Akita owners

There are not many celebrity owners that keep an Akita but those who do swear by its loyalty and affection some of the proud owners include Nicole and O.J. Simpson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Cher and Dan Aykroyd.

Vital Stats

Dog Breed Group: Utility

Height: 28-32 Inches

Weight: 34-54 Kg

Life Span: 10 to 12 years

  • Excellent guard dog for the family 
  • Can make affectionate and loyal pets for the family
  • You share your pet with all-time great pet Hachiko
  • This is not a good pet with small children around
  • Sheds a lot and fur can be seen everywhere
  • Training is a tough task with this breed
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