How to click great pictures of your dog

How can you click great pictures of your dog?

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We all know how hard it can be to take good pictures of our dogs. Whether it’s stopping your fluff ball from sniffing the camera or hoping it won’t dart away as soon as you snap, there’s a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into an adorable doggy photo, every little detail makes a difference. Here are some fun tricks that can help you click great pictures of your dog.

5 Steps to click great photos of your dog


The basic aim in dog photography is to capture their character and personality. For a better capture you need to make sure that you take your dog to a familiar place, where your dog can feel and look comfortable, but also make sure that the place has natural light, it will help a lot in clicking good shots.


Grabbing your dog’s attention is important for a good capture. Try to work speedily with your camera. For example, if your dog likes to play with a ball then grab a ball in your hand and throw it as high as possible. The moment your dog tries to catch it, click the shutter, this way it will look natural and you will be able to capture their real personality and emotion.

woman taking pic with her dog
Photographing your dog is just similar to kids photography.


When you have your dog’s favorite treat in your hand, move it around the lens this way it will distract your dog away from the lens for a while and this way you can capture some good moments. 

You can also do some tricks with your dog and while you are at it, you can get good shots of the precious moments you and your dog share.


If you are looking for action shots, do your photoshoot before the daily three km run. And if you wish for a serene portrait, then do your shoot after. Try to time it well!


Everyone is used to seeing dogs from above, so photos from that angle may not be as striking. For better shots try getting down to their level, shoot them in their world. Depending on your dog’s breed you will have to get down or crouch with your camera. Try shooting from their eye level or even lower where you can capture their pure expressions.

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Tips to capture great pictures of your dog

taking selfie with her dog
Wait with patience to click great pictures of your dog as you get the opportunity.


Capturing the eyes is basically capturing the essence of any living subject. While framing your dog make sure to auto focus on the eyes to make sure they are sharp and to allow the dog’s expressions to become the focal point of the image. You must try to capture the puppy dog eye moments, whether or not they are looking straight in your camera. Good expressions will always shine out in a dog photo.


Closeups of your dog helps in shining out your dog’s character. For eg, if your dog likes lounging around then try to capture moments where it is yawning or sleeping in different positions, or if your dog is friendly then try to capture moments where it is playing with other dogs or humans , try to capture the smile, the wagging tail, the ‘wiggle wiggle’ moments etc.


Aside from the camera gear , dog photography needs a lot of patience. You do not want to end up raising your voice or repeating your commands to make your dog do certain things. It will simply confuse or freak your pet out. If they sense your frustration they are going to end up looking concerned and their flat ears don’t exactly make a good photo. So the more relaxed you are , chances of a better shot will increase. Do not worry about the little glitches like drool or dirt, it only showcases naturality and if at all you are not pleased they can always be fixed with a little photoshop. 


Never forget to reward your model! Offer them treats that they like in order to keep them motivated and to encourage them to  cooperate. From treats or toys to belly rubs it can be anything that makes your dog happy and also helps you to capture best shots.


If your dog feels shy or is uncomfortable you can always join your dog for the photoshoot. Dogs feel comfortable enough around their loved ones. This way you can capture a good portrait of you and your dog sharing cute moments together. 

Using these tips you can get a good portrait for yourself, especially for the people who like to show off their pets on social media platforms. Making memories can anyways never harm anyone and having a good memory of your pet will only bring joy to you.

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