A dog lost his ear after a haircut at Petco.

A 5-months old Baylee got one of her ears amputated after her visit at Petco for a haircut in Cleveland, Tennessee.

The owner, Angela Weeks left Baylee at Petco to get her hair groomed and when she came back to pick her up, she was looking fine with her two new cute bows in hair.

The bows stayed up at their place securely for three days and when Weeks decided to take off the bows. She realized that one of her bows is tied up to Baylee’s ear instead of her hair.

Till now, the ear was swollen due to no circulation of blood.

Weeks contacted the manager of Petco. The manager offered that they’ll refund the money and will also pay the vet bills.

In an interview with NewsChannel9, Petco said, “ This was a very unfortunate thing happened with Baylee and his family. We have reviewed the whole incident thoroughly and take full responsibility for this.

The groomer didn’t follow our pet safety and guidelines policies and have been terminated from Petco forever.

This must be so distressing for the Baylee and her family and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right for them.”

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