A Dog Walker gets caught on camera looting her client’s apartment.


Shayna Bryan tweeted footage of the walker from the @Wagwalking plundering her home in Long Island City Apartment in New York last week.


Shayna Bryan was an old happy customer of the @WagWalking for three years until this burglary happened in her apartment on 15th November.


She booked a walker name Lisa Barrera, 22 to walk her dogs like usual. Bryan noticed the walker uncomfortable with the dogs as she walked in and went straight up to her bedroom.


Bryan installed the camera last week in which she caught the walker looting her stuff like the handbag, jewelry, and some other items worth $1000.

As the alarm started buzzing, the walker panicked and placed the winter jacket back in the cupboard as you can see in the tweet.


Within a few minutes, Bryan contacted the @WagWalking to report the theft. The company assured her to look into the matter. When she didn’t receive any revert from them until two days, she decided to email them which was also left unanswered. 

With so much frustration, she brought this matter in the light of Twitter by tweeting the footage of theft with her extreme disappointment with @WagWalking.


The Local Authorities are investigating this matter and the walker has finally got arrested on Tuesday for ransacking the apartment of a client.


Wag has finally agreed to reimburse the walk and the cost of her expensive missing items.


With such carelessness, the Wag has lost one of their faithful customers forever.

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