Hilarious Dog Trespasses Inside the Gorilla Enclosure

Hilarious Dog trespasses inside the Gorilla enclosure

On Sunday, the visitors witnessed a hilarious but intense scenario at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, where they were confused to see a stray dog trespass inside the Gorilla enclosure. 

While at first, the apes were not having any trouble with the canine who abruptly entered their exhibit, but as the public started hooting and clapping, The gorillas were bothered by the dog’s presence and began chasing it. 

The wildlife care specialists recalled the two gorillas from their enclosure, allowing the Humane Society members to rescue the dog and bring it back to safety. 

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The Zoo staff told Fox 5, San Diego, that the intruder may have been one of the stray dogs running around the park undetected until it entered the gorilla cage. 

The search for the identity of the dog by the Humane society members concluded that it was a male shepherd without a leash or a chip, indicating that he had no owner. The committee is hoping that someone will come and claim the dog soon. 

Animal caretakers have named him ‘Mighty Joe Young’ and are glad nobody was hurt in the incident.

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