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Our specialists will immediately offer you a diagnosis and a prescription thanks to their vast expertise. In case of critical illnesses like those mentioned above it is recommended to upgrade to our options other than general consultation, which will help you deal with everything in depth.Critical Illness Plans give pet owners the option of receiving consultation over the phone from one of our skilled veterinarians. We provide you with long call time spans as compared to the usual industry standards. We try to keep in mind your concerns and comfort in order to provide you with the finest consultation experience.With Monkoodog, We Care!
Cancellation and refund request(s) made within 2 hours before the service date and time would be entitled to a full refund.
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When you get a dog, you anticipate that someday there may be health problems. While the majority of common ailments that dogs experience are minor and frequently treatable, others can be serious and result in permanent organ damage or life. Some of the Critical Illness in dogs that need immediate attention are:

Include Illness of Critical Illness Plan


Canine distemper is a highly infectious viral illness that is spread by airborne exposure or direct touch, such as sharing food bowls.



Dogs who come into touch with the faeces of a sick dog might become infected with the extremely infectious parvovirus. Sadly, once parvo damages a dog’s internal organs, it is difficult to kill them.


Kennel cough is a very infectious respiratory infection that irritates and inflames the airways. 



Leptospira bacteria, which may be found in soil and natural water like streams, lakes, or rivers, is what causes this sickness when someone comes into touch with it, either directly or through a sick dog.



Parasites including ticks, fleas, and mange are quite typical that cause critical illness in dogs.



The illness is brought on by a bacteria that is carried by tick bites, and once it enters the bloodstream, it travels to the joints and hurts your dog.


Rabies is a lethal disease that is brought on by the rabies virus and is transmitted via a bite or drop of an infected animal’s saliva. Many towns, states, parks, and groomers mandate dogs to receive the vaccine because of how serious it is and how readily it can spread to humans.


Heartworms are parasites that dwell in the heart of your dog and can infect him, causing severe damage to his heart, blood vessels, and lungs.


In order to tackle these Critical illnesses that negatively influence your pet’s health, online veterinarian consultations have become essential in today’s digital era. Pet owners can take excellent care of their furry companions while balancing their hectic schedules and busy lifestyles owing to a range of veterinarian consulting services.

Owners of pets could be debating whether the condition warrants hospitalization or whether it would be best to see an internet veterinarian. Not to worry! You and your dogs can always get assistance from our experts. We are happy to assist you with any of your pet’s medical requirements, whether you need support, a second opinion or if it’s a state of emergency. 


We have 25 qualified vets on the squad, Guaranteeing the highest standard of adoration and care for your pets. The State Veterinary Council of India has officially registered the group of highly qualified and experienced veterinarians that Monkoodogs has on staff. Thanks to their education and experience, your pets will receive the best treatment possible.


Our cutting-edge facilities, amenities, and services wouldn’t be of much use without our skilled team, which consists of the best veterinarians and on-site staff in the country. We can proudly acknowledge that Monkoodog’s current success is a consequence of their effort and talent.

As your pet matures, their needs will change, and as a full-service platform for dog care, we have the knowledge, skills, and services to guarantee that your pet stays active and happy. We work hard to be the top care platform in India that is accessible online.


Since Monkoodog is an in-house platform, we are well aware of the issues that dog owners in India experience and can provide you with the finest mix of solutions with regard to Indian conditions.


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