Abby & Nacho: A Love Story

Abby & Nacho: A Love Story

Abby had always known in her heart that she wanted a beautiful pup to be a part of her future. So when she had the chance to bring Nacho, a lovely little corgi, into her life, she welcomed the idea with joy.

She undertook a five-hour drive to pick Nacho up from a breeder in the country. Although there were four other pups to choose from, Nacho’s loving and outgoing personality won Abby’s heart and she instantly decided to make him her family. During their trip back home, Nacho slept through the entire journey. He had no idea that he was about to transform from a country pup to a city dog!

Nacho’s playful nature makes Abby’s day. He is always eager to learn new things, loves chicken, belly scratches and playing with Mr. Dingbat the dragon, his favourite toy! He knows that if he sprints towards an open freezer, he will definitely be rewarded with an ice cube. Perhaps he has trained his humans to offer him exactly what he wants!

Abby’s best memories are made of their trip together down to Lake Tahoe, where Nacho loved to explore the beach. He loved the cold water and light waves, that sparked a flame inside his little fluff of a body, making him happiest.

It was delightful for Abby to wake up each morning during the trip and watch Nacho bathed in the soft, warm glow of the early morning sun poking through the trees.

Abby loves Nacho to the moon and back, and can’t imagine a life without him!

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