Kate & Penny: Best Friends to Cherish

Kate & Penny: Best Friends to Cherish

Kate knew she was taking the right decision of adopting little Penny the moment she set her eyes on the tiny Working Cocker Spaniel. Penny’s cheerful demeanour and her friendly attitude makes her a delight in Kate’s life.

Kate’s mother’s friend’s dog had a litter of pups some time ago, and when Kate first saw Penny, she just knew she was the one she wanted in her life. Penny’s arrival opened many doors in Kate’s life. She became aware of the tiny life that was dependent on her, who looked forward to her footsteps each day eagerly and loved to chill on the couch with her.

Penny’s love of outdoors and long walks changed Kate’s life for the good as well. Penny introduced kate to the secret, beautiful and happy world of dogs and Kate has never been more grateful. She now goes for more walks and enjoys the outdoors much more than she did before. In her little ways, Penny has made Kate much happier and helped her step into the healthy life she leads now.

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