Molly, Maddie and Moo – A Trio to Watch Out For

Molly, Maddie and Moo – A Trio to Watch Out For

Nicki Fricker had always been a passionate advocate for dogs. But little did she know that her encounter with three little pups would change her life. Nicki is the proud owner of Molly the minie doxy, Moo the labrador and Maddie the white german shepherd.

Nicki had found her three pups abandoned by their respective owners before she decided to be a mother to them. She adopted Moo, her first dog, years ago when she found him living in a garage. Moo is now her service dog and best friend!

Nicki adopted Molly from her owners because they had decided to abandon her as they were having a baby. They believed they couldn’t afford to give Molly a good life. That’s when Nicki stepped in and took Molly home from the parking lot she was roaming in. Molly is quite popular in the Facebook group Dogspotting Society!

Maddie had been living in a small kennel outside her owner’s home all her life. Neglected and uncared for, she was covered in fleas and had many bald spots. Before Nicki adopted her, she was was extremely scared of people and her surroundings. But after Nicki came in her life, she became brave and is now a truly wonderful guard dog!

Nicki’s poems for her beloved pets:

My name was Dottie
It was just a normal day,
My person woke me up
I thought he wanted to play.

I heard him talking
To his wife in the next room
“You’ve gotta get rid of her,
The baby is coming soon.”

So he carried me out
To his car in the driveway
We’re going to the park!
It’s gonna be a great day!

But instead we waited
Outside of a door,
I heard lot of dogs barking
Are there new friends in store?

A girl was waiting
With a lost dog she found
I started to wonder
Was this the pound?

The doors were now opened
She and the stray walked inside,
My person will leave me here
I started to cry.

She came back outside
And she spoke to me,
“I’m going to be your mom now.”
But I cowered fearfully.

My person looked down at me
And handed her my lead
He said “I’m so sorry,
I’ll have a new mouth to feed.”

He told her
“My wife is having a child,
We just can’t keep her.”
He had a sad smile

I’ll be a good sister!
I promise! I swear!
I’ll guard your new baby!
This just isn’t fair!

She led me away
I couldn’t stop shaking,
Is this what it felt like
For a heart to be breaking?

I sat in her lap
The whole car ride there,
Where was my person?
Is this a nightmare?

We parked at a house
And two dogs came to greet me,
They were massive and happy
But I just wanted to flee.

She introduced me
Molly was my new name,
They were Maddie and Moo
And my family they became.

I learned that this couple
Is my new mom and dad,
And they love me much more
Than my old family had.

My name is Molly
And this is the beginning,
Of how I made
My parents’ world start spinning.

Hi everyone, my name is Moo
You all know little Molly,
She got famous just because
She was treated like a dolly.

But I will tell you the story
Of how I got rescued too,
My story is unique
But way less people knew.

My last people bought me
As a friend for their son’s pooch,
He was a beloved family pet
But I never got one smooch.

I was raised in a garage
And never went outside,
When I grew into a big dog
They cast me aside.

My now person heard me there
I was lethargic and obese,
She knocked on their front doorstep
When my crying wouldn’t cease.

She asked if she could take me
The people didn’t care,
They were just excited
That their garage would become bare.

My person took me home
And became my bestest friend,
She’ll never ever abandon me
Because to her heart, I did a mend.

My person helped me lose my weight
I couldn’t run before,
My hips used to hurt
Even walking was a chore

Now I can run and play all day
But sometimes my person needs me,
So I help her out the best I can
She trained me effectively.

I’ve been with my person
On so many milestones,
When she moved and got married
I got to go to a different timezone!

Some of you may remember
When staff in the airport misplaced me,
They found me in a supply closet
And the internet was angry.

Now you know my story
And you can go about your day,
I hope that my picture
Made you happy in some way.

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