The Most Trendy And Cool Dog Collars of 2020 To Buy For Smaller Dogs

Best Dog Collars of 2020

“Dogs are beautiful but street smart dogs are the fashion icons of the canine world.” – Maxim

Dogs, in general, are one of the most adorable species to exist on this planet. Big expressive eyes and an endearing tail wag aside, they are supremely cute and dorky beings. But did you know that dogs can be fashionable too?

From smart and well-fitted tuxedos to cute and fluffy tutus, there is every possible costume designed especially for dogs from all over the world. However many do not like the idea of dressing up their dogs in human alike costumes.

A french bulldog is sitting with a banana and wearing banana sweatshirt.
Won’t you like to see your dog in such a cute banana sweatshirt?

Another problem is the size. Smaller breeds of dogs especially often do not have perfectly fitted costumes or accessories to make them look sophisticated and stylish. That’s where dog accessories like leash and collars play a very important role as style statements.

Dog collars are already an important must-have necessity. So how about get rid of the old boring and commonly found dog collars and get one of the trending dog collars? 2020 is already halfway gone, so the trending and the coolest dog collars are already up for grab in the market.

Suitable and easily available for smaller breeds, these dog collars are a perfect style statement and with an equally good and comfortable fit. The best and the most unique dog collars trending in 2020 include –

Personalized blue floral embroidered collar by Duke and Fox.
Personalized blue floral embroidered collar by Duke and Fox

1.   Floral embroidered dog collars

Floral design does not necessarily always mean girlish. These embroideries give the collar a cool and personalized touch without making it look too obnoxious. The hint of multicolored floral embroidery only increases its boisterous appeal. These dog collars for smaller breeds are definitely a great option for breeds like Chihuahua, Lhasa Apso, dachshund, and a beagle.

PUPTECK Bandana Style Leather Dog Collar Cute Plaid Scarf for Small Pet
Bandana styles leather dog collar by Pupteck

2.   Bandana Style Dog Collar

One of the best dog collar designs that have been trending for a few years now. Bandana style dog collars are definitely the epitome of a fashion statement. Best of it all, these bandana style collars can have an innumerable number of colors, and designs on it and yet never look old or out of trend. From NFL inspired bandana collars to Ellen DeGeneres’s iconic design emblem, the options are too many to ever get bored of.

Handmade Personalized Natural Veg Tan Leather Dog Collar with Rose Gold -Tone Hardware and FREE Engraved Name, Choose Your Font
Handmade personalized leather dog collar by Copper Leaf Leather

3.   Monogrammed or Engraved Dog Collar

There can never be a dog without a name and dog collars often have a pendant or locket with their names on it. How about a dog collar with a name on it. Custom engraved or monogrammed Dog collars for the small breed has been one of the most trendy choices of 2020. The best part is, the choice of design and types of collars to choose are endless and adding a custom self-designed engraving definitely increases its fashion quotient a lot more than the normal and traditional dog collars.

Whistle GO & GO Explore - the Ultimate Health + Location Tracker for Pets
Whistle Go Explore. The ultimate health and location tracker for your dog.

4.   Whistle 3 Dog Collar

Yet another trending dog collar for the past few years that seems to be super popular and in the must-have list, is the Whistle GPS enabled Dog Collar. The latest upgraded version Whistle Go Explore has some of the coolest upgrades one can hope for. Pinpoint location tracker, night light, and health tracker are just the initial ability this smart dog collar has. Being waterproof and with an anti-theft alarm, this is unlike any other dog collar ever.

Clan_X Led Dog Collar, USB Rechargeable Lighted Collar for Small Dogs Cats, Glow in Dark Reflective Collars Keep Your Puppy Visible & Safe
USB Rechargeable Lighted Collar for Small Dogs by Clan_X

5.   The LED dog collar

This is one of those unique inventions this year that should be a must-have in your dog’s collection. Super fun to wear and definitely attention grab worthy, these batteries charged led collars are perfect for night strolls. Especially suitable for smaller dog breeds, these belts provide better visibility for oncoming vehicles, especially while walking on main streets or crossing multilane roads and even locating your dogs if they accidentally cut loose their leash during night time.

Luxury real leather padded dog collar by Soft Touch Collars
Luxury real leather padded dog collar by Soft Touch Collars

6.   Luxurious leather dog collars

We all know that pure leather is already an iconic style statement. This year leather dog collars for the small breed with soft inside padding have been in trend. They are super stylish and elegant without being overly pretentious. In case you are wondering if the leather will irritate their skin, then there is nothing to worry, these collars have a premium quality soft cotton padded lining on the inside for better comfort and aeration.

Puppy Bumpers Keep Your Dog on The Safe Side of The Fence
Puppy Bumpers keep your dog on the safe side of the fence.

7.   Puppy Bumper

How many times have you had to rush out to find our dog just because they took benefit of their small size and escaped through the smallest of spaces?  Puppy bumpers are a great way to stop them from escaping through any narrow openings thanks to the large bumper-like collar. Super efficient and definitely quirky to look at, this is one of the coolest dog collars of 2020.

Personalized studded dog collar by Kippy And Co
Personalized studded dog collar by Kippy And Co

8.   Gem studded Dog Collar – 

These custom dog collars are often way pricier than any normal choice of collars for your dog. Studded with precious and semi-precious stones, these are exclusively for those pet lovers who love to pamper their dog with beautiful and bling worthy dog accessories and toys. Some of these dog collars even have pearl and diamond fittings for a more sophisticated and elegant look.  These expensive yet stunning fashion statement worthy dog collars have been trending quite a lot this year.

PetSafe Spray Bark Dog Collar, Anti-Bark Device for Dogs 8 lb. and Up, Fits Up to 27 in. Neck Circumference
Anti-bark spray collar for dogs by PetSafe

9.   Anti Bark Dog Collars

Dogs are barkers, and there is nothing you can do about it except training them. However smaller breeds have a tendency to bark more than average mid or large size breeds. This can occasionally be a bit of an issue, especially while you are out on a walk with your dog. That’s why the Anti Bark Dog collar has been a viral trend since its release in February 2020. Equipped with a small pet safe canister of Citronelle attachment, this collar sprays a small amount of spray each time they bark. As occasional wear, these belts are certainly a great choice.

That’s all for our list of the most trendy and cool 2020 dog collars that you can buy for your smaller cute fluffy pooch.

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