5 Hidden Meanings Behind Weird Dog’s Behaviours that All Dog Owners Didn’t Know

Adult Pug

I admire the weirdness in dogs, their ability to go off-course and reconnect back to sanity.

I’d like to think of dogs as lesser humans; they are sensitive, sensible, full of humour and affection. They can play, act funnily, even get jealous and sometimes, get hostile.

So, dogs are special and should be treated as such. I’ve had dogs that dance, and some that acquired the skill of shaking hands with people, isn’t that amazing?

Handshaking a dog

Dogs make great companions, and they naturally invite this great happy feeling; I think they are simply adorable.

Relating with dogs will be a lot easier if we can hear their thoughts, read their expression and speak their languages. I know it’s easy to tell when a dog is happy and when a dog is upset, but we can’t explicitly define all dogs’ trait. Dogs wag their tails when they are feeling excited, and whimpers when sad. Yet, there are many other dog moods we can’t comprehend. Even though we are being communicated through these gestures but we rarely understand the signs.

wagging tail

Here I will be disclosing certain dog’s traits with deep meanings that are somewhat unassertive and bogging. We will explain how they can be interpreted, plus, how they can be approached.

  • Attention: Just like humans, dogs need attention, when they are mishandled, they become vulnerable and hostile. But, when they are properly looked after, they become wonderful friends. 
  • Mood Swings: Interestingly, dogs also experience mood swings, even in the most unlikely occasions. I believe that dog owners should get more sensitive, they should notice the oddness in their dogs, and figure quick remedy. And if it requires medical intervention, they should send the dog to a vet doctor..


In essence, efforts must be made by dog owners to help restore these canines to sanity anytime they start acting strange. This article reveals the system of decoding dogs weird behaviors, to help guide dog owners in making the right informed decision in finding help for their puppies. They should be able to embrace the right resolution or intervention approach and not act out of assumption.

When your dog starts behaving abnormally, it can only mean one thing; an indication that the dog needs attention. Ideally, one of the major reasons dogs display certain strange behaviors is because they want to be noticed.


However, dogs mostly demand attention when they get into a problem they can’t solve themselves, this problem can be health-related, or an emotional feeling.

Research has shown that when you give dogs more attention, they reciprocate back with love. Certain displays of love expressed by dogs like wagging of tail, jumping over its owner, breathing exhaustingly with the tongue tucked out, all of these brings about warmth and joy in homes.

I am hoping that by the time you get to the end of this reading, you will acquire the right knowledge on how to treat your puppy and how to force out that “ wonderful friend” in her.

Dog thinking and biting

Imagine that you are about to rush out for an important appointment and your dog is right there on top of your mat biting around its foot or running in a circle. That should inspire an anger feeling, but, getting angry won’t help. The best thing to do in such a situation is to draw near to the dog, find out if there is a hook on its foot that she is trying to get off, or whether there is a sticker on her butt that makes her run in a circle. Paying attention to your dog can cost you a few things, like being late to an appointment, or spending a little extra cash on medications, but, isn’t that what we do for things we care about? We make sacrifices for things we care about, and your dog is not an exception.

Amazingly, every dog has its weird moment; no dog goes off the radar intentionally, there is always a cause, and it’s the responsibility of dog owners to discover this cause.

Dog licking a face

This article will guide you through the process of identifying certain abnormal dog behaviors and how to resolve them, so you can enjoy a more happy relationship with your four-legged friend.

Let’s consider some of these strange dog gestures.

Puppy on Cushion


Because the dog can’t speak, it is usually not so easy to code what the dog has in mind, by staring, the dog could be desiring a lump of fresh meat or a tasty snack in your hand. But, the food is not the only reason dogs stare, they can also stare for non-food reasons, like when they see something creepy.

Dog staring has many interpretations, although, we can simply put that dogs stare when they need attention.

Dog’s staring could also mean that the dog doesn’t want to be left alone or that she wishes to be a part of a fun game. Again, a dog can stare as an expression of care for its owner or when trying to read the emotion in the owner’s facial expression.

White dog

Walk-in a circle before lying down

Many dogs prefer to circle round a spot before sitting down. Though, we might not really tell why most dogs act this way, but there is certainly a reason for that. It is believed that dogs do this to create a smooth surface, where they can relax and stay safe. Ancestral dogs usually sleep outside, and running around a circle for them might mean stamping down grasses or leaves, to make the ground soft for relaxation.

Some other dogs will rather circle and dig holes. This is usually helpful in hot weather, to avoid being affected by heat, the hole exposes them to cool soil which minimizes heat and stabilizes their body temperature.

Dog on seashore

Digging the ground or making holes

When you catch your dog digging, don’t assume the dog is running crazy, she is probably exhibiting an adaptive behavior.

If you see your dog expressing this behavior continuously, and it feels like she is having trouble finding comfort, or appears restless, consider taking the dog to a vet for proper diagnosis. She might have developed a health issue, maybe a neurological problem or arthritis.

Huskey and ball

Chewing of furniture or any hard object

It is common to assume that a dog is being a punk by chewing furniture, but that’s not completely true, when a dog chew hard objects she is simply trying to carry out body exercise.

If you have not taken your dog out for a stroll or workout in a long time, you might want to do that, it is an indication that the dog is getting bored at home and wants to express physical exercise.

Dog yawning


When you catch your dog yawning, it could be a feeling of anxiety, it does not necessarily mean they are tired. You will discover that dogs are more likely to yawn in public places than when they are home. When they are home, they seem to feel more confident and can easily bark at strangers.

But when they are in a public place, they tend to make funny pitiable sounds or yawn, it’s an indication that they are anxious or nervous.

Please tell us in the comments if you find this helpful?

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