In a heartwarming video, a woman feeds a stray dog in West Bengal.

In a Heartwarming Video, a Woman Feeds a Stray Dog in West Bengal.

A video went viral on the internet in which a woman is feeding a stray dog.  The video is heartwarming and the woman can be seen feeding curd and rice to a white-colored stray dog.  She earned praise from netizens all across social media platforms. The video was recorded at then ...

On April 28, 2022 by

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Ukraine's Hachiko Dog refuses to leave side of owner's body in Kyiv

In War-Torn Ukraine, a Real-Life Hachiko Was Seen

On April 8, 2022 by

In a heart-wrenching picture that was posted by NEXTA, a media organization, a dog is seen sitting on a road. If you look closely, the dog can be seen sitting beside someone’s corpse. Reportedly, t...