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Be a compassionate activist for dogs foster a pet-friendly environment around us Build a community that’s not only sympathetic, but empathetic to animals Build a sustainable life for pets by helping them overcome specific challenges help pet owners understand their role better.

Did you know that dogs are the direct descendents of wolves or that they have a 10,000 times stronger sense of smell than human beings? If you want to know all about dogs - be it general trivia, rarely known facts, fun tidbits or more, The Monkoodog is the right place to be. From how to groom and train your dog to fun facts about dogs, the Monkoodog website covers everything. Our website is all about love for animals, especially our canine buddies. We are a team dedicated to spreading more awareness about dog care and everything associated with the same. Be it their physical or mental well being, how to keep them entertained, ways to pamper them, how to bond with them or just general facts about dogs, you will find it all on The Monkoodog. You will find the latest updates on any canine theme or dog-oriented events near you on our site. We have several blogs covering a host of topics related to training, grooming, food and nutrition, dog health issues, information on various breeds, and other incredible dog facts. Our video gallery offers content on funny dog moments, rescue stories for dogs, dog breeds and information on them, cool dog facts otherwise known as Pawsome Facts by Monkoodog, and canine NEWS articles also called Woof News. These videos not only provide essential information but also keep you entertained with these adorable furballs in action. You will also find interesting and useful tools like Puppy Weight Calculator and Dog Name Finder that will help you a lot as dog-parents yourselves. You will find a lot of help as puppy parents in our Infographics section that offers a lot of essential information and facts you didn’t know about dogs. Overall, The Monkoodog is all about loving and caring for dogs because as we say, LIFE IS BETTER WITH A DOG.