Meet the Cutest Dog Breeds in the World 2021

Meet the Cutest Dog Breeds in the World 2020

Cutest dogs in the world! Are you excited?!

Honestly, putting together a list of the cutest breeds is an impossible task. Dogs are simply adorable (x 10000), lovable and the best things on the planet. Picking out a handful of them from hundreds of breeds was super challenging.

Moreover, all the breeds you come across in this blog are great choices for children. They are gentle, loving and protective of children. However, note that the right age to get a puppy for a child is at 5 years, as this is when the child is able to understand what dogs are and behave accordingly.

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10 Cutest Dogs Breeds

Anyway, we at Monkoodog bring to you, our personal collection of cutest dog breeds, in line with the most popular ones across the world. Read on and let us know if you agree!

10. Dalmatian

the cutest dog breed - dalmatian

Thanks to the story of the 101 Dalmatians and the notorious Cruella de Vil, the world is all too familiar with this amazing breed. Dalmatians have a distinct set of features that sets them a class apart from other breeds. Their smooth white coat dotted with black spots make them adorable and good-looking. They are very smart, gentle and loving dogs, perfect for families and children.

9. Samoyed

the cutest dog breed 2020 - samoyed

The ever-smiling and happy looking Samoyeds bring joy everywhere they go. Their furry immaculate white double coat and easy-going attitude make this breed very desirable. They crave for your love and attention and will amuse you with their antics and playfulness.

8. Saint Bernard

the cutest dog breed - saint bernard

It might be surprising, but these giant dogs are actually really calm, gentle and friendly. Not just that, they are good-looking giants too, with their beautifully shaded coats. They are especially great around children and are very protective. With an imposing big body and an even bigger heart, they are one of the warmest dog breeds.

7. Dachshund

the cutest dog breed 2020 - dachhsund

Dachshunds are curious beings, always looking for an exciting adventure. These dogs with their short legs and long body are easily recognized. This unique body structure makes them super cute and the way they walk around is simply adorable. Though they don’t possess an aggressive personality, they are great guard dogs, always on alert.

6. Beagle

the cutest dog breed 2020 - beagle

Beagles are simply adorable! They have the perfect puppy dog face that melts our hearts instantly. They are great for families as they are the easiest dog breed to own. They are gentle with children and love playing outdoors.

5. Golden Retriever

the cutest dog breed 2020 - golden retriever puppy

Golden retrievers are the friendliest dogs to own and are damn cute too! They love people and are very gentle, smart, and loyal. They only require occasional grooming but shed heavily in fall and spring. They are active breeds and require daily exercise.

4. Bichon Frise

the cutest dog breed 2020 - bichon frise

Bichons literally look like walking cotton balls or clouds, with their white fluffy coat and tiny stature. They are very friendly, quite playful and surprisingly, good watchdogs too. Though they are small, they have a big personality and are easy to train. Though the coat needs frequent brushing, other grooming can be done on a monthly basis.

3. Yorkshire Terrier

the cutest dog breed 2020 - yorkshire terrier

Yes, agreed. Yorkshire Terriers can be a lot on your hands, but aren’t they too cute for words! They are tiny, soft, lively and their silky coats, either grown long or clipped short, make Yorkies the perfect cute buddy you need.

2. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

the cutest dog breed 2020 - pembroke welsh corgi

Of course, corgis! No list of cute dog breeds is complete without these simply adorable munchkins. Their tiny legs, beautiful coat, pointed ears and huge ‘puppy’ eyes, makes the Pembroke Welsh Corgi one of the most cutest breeds ever!

1. Pomeranian

the cutest dog breed 2020 - pomeranian

Anyone who meets a pomeranian will instantly start gushing over how adorable the dog is. And yes, they are, indeed. Pomeranians have been ranked as the cutest dog breed in the world in 2020. These tiny fluff balls with their hair either cut short or grown long, prominent large eyes and lively nature, are undoubtedly one of the cutest breeds.

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Now that you have gone through our list of cutest breeds, here’s some good news for you! You must be longing to bring one of these adorable munchkins home soon and guess what, go right ahead! These dogs are not just damn cute, they are super friendly dogs which are perfect for families and children.

So did you find your perfect cute companion in this list?

What is your definition of cute? Plump fluffballs, tiny toys, long ears or furry coats? Let us know what is your choice in the comments below!

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