How to Understand Your Dog’s Body Language

understand your dog's body language

Understanding your pet’s emotions and knowing what to expect can be quite tricky unless you understand the basics of canine behaviour. Starting with the tail, when it stays in a neutral, hanging position, it shows that your dog is in a relaxed state of mind. However, when it goes above its spine level, it means your dog is either excited or aroused. Your dog will also wag its tail to show its happiness. When your dog puts your tail between its hind legs, it means it’s experiencing extreme stress or fear. Moving on to the ears, your dog will either let it droop to the side or the back by relaxing the base muscles of its ears to show you it’s relaxed and comfortable. But when it perks them up towards some object, person or another dog, it could mean attentiveness or arousal. The eyes of a dog are also very emotive if you pay attention and pick up on tiny details. When your dog’s pupils are dilated or open wide to the extent that the white bits are visible, it translates to fear, stress, and sometimes, depending upon the situation, arousal. A relaxed dog will often either shut its eyes or relax its gaze when it is experiencing comfort. Knowing these signs and keeping a check on them can help you provide your dog whatever it needs in order to be comfortable.

Dog’s Body Language

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