Why Your Dog Needs a Ball?

Some pet parents sometimes feel that a play ball is unnecessary and rather one of those excesses dogs don’t need. It will interest you to know that dog balls are very essential for the dog’s growth and development. Your dog doesn’t just want a tool to play with; his body needs exercise as much.

Now the question is, what’s the best ball for my dog? You must choose a ball that will not just excite the dog but one that will improve the dog’s life. Allow us to enlighten you with ideas of how to improve your dog’s life with balls.

dog playing with a ball

Why dog balls are important?

The same way toys are important to a child, balls are very important to dogs, and this is not just about the fun part of it, but ideally, balls play important roles in their development. Balls help to keep them busy because they are not wired to be bored or idle, they are bred for work.
Recapping on history, dogs are naturally made to be agile, even before they started living in homes and helping men, they have lived the wild lifestyle of hunting for food, running after preys and defending their region.

Dogs have always lived a busy lifestyle; engaging in survivor exercise, including relating socially with other kids. Invariably, they are programmed to get busy; they can be affected psychologically and bodily when subjected to a sedentary lifestyle. Lack of exercise is the actual cause of unwanted behaviors in dogs.

Ideally, a ball is meant to keep your dog busy. When you get a dog ball, it makes it easy for the dog to identify that ball as his toy, so that he can jump upon it or kick on it anytime he feels like. By getting a toy for your dog you have created a social activity for the dog.

Dog running with a ball

An active dog is a healthy dog

If you think you are doing your dog a favor by allowing him to roam about the house, you are thinking the wrong way. Agile dogs are healthy dogs, dogs who engage in chewing, scratching, digging, and playing tends to register less illness than ones that don’t. Don’t assume having a large compound is enough to get your dog busy, your large space might not necessarily motivate the dog to play, the dog will only run when he is instructed to do so, which is not good enough.

Dogs need to be self-motivated to run, this is why you need to buy a ball to entice them into exercising their muscles. If you are yet unsure which accessory to get for your dog; here are some dog accessories for 2020.

Keep in mind that most dogs won’t want to play with the ball unless you toss it or throw it at them. Some dogs will rather sew on it, maybe because they don’t yet understand what it’s used for. At the beginning stage, you have to play the ball with the dog and help him understand what the toy is meant for. You can throw the ball off to a far location and allow him to run after it, fetch it and bring back to you. Repeat this exercise routine for a couple of days or weeks, this is how to give the dog an exercise that will afford him the health benefits his body needs.

When you think of your dog the way you think of a little child, you might just get it right in your goal of giving the dog a perfect training. Dogs get confused most times on what is expected of them, they need direction just like every other kid. Dogs are filled with so much energy that needs to be used, but they don’t know that unless you direct them.

By assigning them duties, you are helping them use their energy the right way. When you allow them to think for themselves or wander about aimlessly, they will engage in something else that may not benefit their health, and this unmonitored activity can incite some behavioral issues in dogs.

We are not disputing the fact that dog gets to maturity level where they can think for themselves; engage in personal exercise without anybody telling them what to do, it takes a lot of training to groom a dog to that level of maturity, but while he is still at the tender level, be sure to offer him the best training.

Healthy benefits of dog training:

1. Boost agility and flexibility

When dogs are subjected to daily exercise with toys, their speed rate tends to improve rapidly. This helps them escape certain unpleasant illnesses and diseases, and in general, improves their flexibility and health status.

2. Reduces canine behavioral problems

Dogs are programmed to be directed, trained and controlled, when you allow them to think for themselves, they lose the sense of purpose and direction, and can be depressed. Here are other ways to know why your dog is depressed

To avoid these behavioral issues, develop a strategy for training your dog with love, the great amount of energy your dog carry can be channeled to doing meaningful work; you simply need to build a strategy for harnessing such energy.

3: Improves cardiovascular health

Exercise increases heart rate in dogs, this is what improves the strength of the heart muscles, and in turn, results in better endurance, and smooth delivery of nutrients and oxygen within the dog’s body.

4: Increases the confidence of the dog

It will interest you to know that exercise boosts the dog’s confidence, especially if you have a dog that expresses timidity or shyness. Exercise has been found to solve the problem of low self-esteem in dogs.

5: Solves digestive problems

Since routine exercise enhances cardiovascular health in dogs, it also goes around to improve digestion in dogs. It enhances blood flow and helps in eliminating wastes through the gut.

6: Helps to maintain a healthier weight

Dogs that engage in active exercise cannot be overweight, they might not experience a significant reduction in size, but they will remain fit and healthy. Exercise is a sure way of improving the health state of your dog.

There you have it! Getting a ball for your dogs is not a waste of resources, it is as important as owning the dog. So don’t give it a second guess, if you have a dog, pay a visit to a toy store and get the dog an exercise toy.

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