3 Ways To Reduce Digestive Problems In Your Pooch

3 Ways To Reduce Digestive Problems In Your Pooch

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Your dog loves to eat – it’s probably one of their favourite things, wouldn’t you say?

However, what they eat matters too! It’s important to stave off digestive problems before they ever even arrive, ensuring that your best buddy has a good quality of life ahead of him and her. Of course, the little rascals can be tough to manage at the best of times, so how can you make some significant strides in this area?

Below you will find 3 ways to reduce digestive problems in your pooch.

1. Be Watchful

Though they are certainly lovable misfits, dogs have a reputation for sniffing and eating almost anything and everything.

No matter how vigilant you are, it’s quite likely your dog will munch on something they shouldn’t do here and there. They are prone to eating grass, and plastic, and some even like to feast on faeces!

During a car journey, one Labrador even managed to wolf down his entire lead, and afterwards, specialist vets needed to retrieve it. He’s fine now, but obviously, that won’t help his digestion!

Therefore, it’s important to be on the ball here and to pay attention to what your good girl or boy is eating. Of course, there will be times when this isn’t possible, such as when you are sleeping. Still, if you miss them committing the crime, you should still be keeping an eye on their behaviour for any changes. If they are unnaturally quiet or fatigued for long periods, a check-up at the vet could be in order.

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2. Change Their Food

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Though it can seem like dogs try to eat anything and everything, they are conveniently choosy when it comes to their actual food.

However, it’s important that they have their meals at a reliably scheduled time, much like humans!

This gets their body in a certain groove, accustomed to all the nutrients and qualities that the grub brings. If the consumption of meals is too rare, then their body will struggle to digest the food, and you’ll find that they’re weaker while their stools are looser.

The best thing you can do here is put your dog on a new diet and consult a raw dog food feeding guide. Bella and Duke offer a great range of natural foods for your pooch to consume, with 100% nutritious ingredients for dogs of all ages.

Better yet, they provide all the rundowns on portion sizes and defrosting techniques, which will help you and your dog ease into the transition in no time at all. In the end, a better diet equals better digestion!

3. Don’t Overfeed Them

It’s no good giving your pooch better dog food if you’re just going to cancel out all the nutritional value with treats and rich human foods.

It’s no good giving your pooch better dog food if you’re just going to cancel out all the nutritional value with treats and rich human foods.

Unfortunately, dogs are embroiled in an obesity crisis of their very own, so it’s highly important that you keep a lid on the treat box most of the time.

The digestive system of a dog is vastly different from that of a human. Junk food is much more impactful on their physical well-being, and they are far more sensitive to the drawbacks of gorging on tasty treats. In the end, the measured approach is always better here.

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