5 Dog Treats Recommendations Every Pet Owner Must Follow

5 Dog Treat Recommendations Every Pet Owner

Dog Treats are an integral element of dog training because they make the animal more obedient. They work well for positive reinforcement and help you cultivate good behaviour in the animal for the long haul. You may want to show some love to your furry companion. 

Whatever the reason for incentivizing your pet, you must follow some rules to ensure its safety and well-being. After all, you cannot serve anything randomly at any time as it may end up doing more harm than good.

Here are some Dog treats recommendations that can help you do it right. 

1. Prioritize healthy options

It is a no-brainer because no pet owner will want to serve anything unhealthy to their pet. The last thing to do is feed something out of your plate because the human diet is not apt for canines. Look for a product specifically designed for dogs, and double-check the ingredients to ensure that they work for your pet. You can even seek advice from your vet or pet store professional for picking the right option.

2. Look for high-value treats.

Every dog is different and has unique preferences in food. Some animals take anything you offer, and others may be picky eaters. You can identify their preferences in treats with some hit and trial and choose one they like.

Here are some amazing recipes with a variety of vegan, nutty mix, beef and even air dried homemade dog treats for you to try. 

DIY Non- Traditional Dog Treat Recipes for dogs.

A jerky for dogs is an ideal option as most pets like it, and they are high in nutrients as well. Make sure that whatever you choose is an incentive, or the animal wouldn’t appreciate it the next time.

3. Let the dog earn it

While dog treats are a form of showing your affection, make sure that the animal earns it. Give them at the right time and for a relevant reason. Reserve these goodies for appreciating obedience and positive behaviour so that the dog knows what it has to do to earn them. If you are not consistent about timing and reasons, you may end up confusing the canine.

4. Size is important

Apart from choosing the right option in terms of nutritional value, you must also consider its size. A small size is ideal, though you may find one you can slice into smaller pieces. It will help you manage portion size per session and make it easy for the pet to consume. 

You can distract the pet by dividing it into multiple sessions. Moreover, bite-sized treats make an excellent choice for puppies and small dogs. Same goes with the food. You can divide and manage your dog’s portion size as well.

5. Avoid overfeeding

Despite being extras, treats can add calories and make your pet overweight if you let it overindulge. Make sure you keep the calorie count and do not overfeed your dog. Even if you have to go heavy on treats on a training day, compensate by reducing the meal size. The idea is to sum the daily optimal calorie count for the pet and fit everything within it. 

Dogs love treats, and you feel happy about feeding them to your pet. But make sure you follow these rules and recommendations to ensure good health as well.

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