Dogs vs CoronaVirus – Debunking the Myths and Truth about Covid-19

Dogs vs CoronaVirus

The right Facts and false Myths about Dogs and CoronaVirus

With CoronaVirus taking the world by storm, it is no surprise that fear is rising all around the globe. The dystopian future often showcased in fictional movies and tv screens seem to be nearing and turning into a reality.

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Yes, novel CoronaVirus is dangerous and has the potential to cause more damage than one can recuperate from in the next 10 years, but it can be controlled and its spread be stopped if people understand the virus better rather than listen to wrong information and belief in the rumor.

Besides human mortality, one of the most pathetic incidences after the effect of the spread of the virus is the numerous case of dog killing occurring in various parts of the world. Thousands of dogs have been the victim of spree killing because of misinformation and myths being spread.

Ndlovu Youth Choirs, who was the finalist of 2019 America’s Got Talent even created an entire song to prevent people from spreading false rumors about Covid19 Infection. 


The real facts are often lost amidst these rumors and myths being spread like bushfires. Persistent effort is being made by Animal rights activists and higher officials about these false claims and absurd news. In case you are not aware of what the truth is, then you can read about it right here.

  • Myth – Dogs can spread CoronaVirus. Truth – Dogs are not susceptible to Covid19

One of the wildest rumors that initiated the mass killing of pets worldwide was a false rumor that dogs can spread CoronaVirus. However, it is NOT TRUE. Yes, a dog was found in Hongkong with mildly Covid19 positive results. However, the virus was only present on the body surface and not within its internal systems.

Since the owner of the dog was already infected with Covid19, the most probable cause was a spillage of fluids by him on the dog’s body while sneezing or coughing. Dogs, in general, cannot be infected with this particular strain of CoronaVirus. CDC has been repeatedly clarifying the entire incidence and explaining it in detail. 

Sanitising people to fight Carona Virus

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  • Myth – Spraying Alcohol or Chlorine can kill CoronaVirus. Truth – Spraying Alcohol and Chlorine will have a disastrous effect on the fur and skin of a dog

The Coronavirus resides inside the body whereas Chlorine and Alcohol are surface disinfectants. If these solutions mistakenly reach the mucous membrane lining of the mouth or eyes, it can cause more damage than good.

  • Myth – Ultraviolet disinfection lamps can kill the CoronaVirus. Truth – UV light is one of the primary carcinogenic agents

Ultraviolet ray lights are used to disinfect tools and other such materials. However, when used on the skin, they can result in a tremendous amount of skin irritation. In fact, it has been stated numerous times that UV light instigates carcinogenic development on prolonged usage.

  • Myth – Feeding Garlic can keep the virus away. Truth – Garlic is good for humans only

Garlic is known to contain very efficient antimicrobial properties, however, those are perfectly suited for human beings and not dogs. Dogs can develop stomach cramps and other issues on being fed too much garlic. However, there is no proof that Garlic can be good in preventing Covid19 in humans too.

People with mask

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  • Myth – Old people can catch CoronaVirus from a dog. Truth – Dogs are not the carrier of the CoronaVirus

Yes, older people are more prone to the virus, however it is not because of dogs. Since the older generation tends to have very weak immunity and their resistance level is greatly reduced, they can easily catch any infectious agents inclusive of the CoronaVirus.

However, there has been no evidence that the virus can be spread from pet dogs. The reason being that this specific strain of the coronavirus infecting humans cannot survive in canines, so spreading the infection though dogs to older humans is not possible.

  • Myth – Antibiotics can keep pets safe. Truth – Self-prescribing antibiotics can be dangerous

Over the counter drugs used by humans are not suitable to be used in animals. Official experts handling Covid19 have been stating repeatedly that antibiotics are not the cure to CoronaVirus infection in humans let alone the dogs.

Unauthorized feeding of antibiotics can cause numerous health issues in the dog and can also result in the development of drug resistance.

  • Myth – Eggs and Chicken consumption can spread CoronaVirus. Truth – Consumption of meats and eggs do not spread Covid19

There is no such evidence that the consumption of eggs and meat can cause coronavirus. Dogs cannot survive well on herbivorous diets as their digestive system is built in a different way than humans. They need a regular and consistent supply of meat, eggs and other protein sources. 

Additionally, epidemiologists have proven that coronavirus is not prevalent in chicken or eggs. However, to be on the safer side during these wild times it is best to avoid purchasing chickens that are sick or ill.

  • Myth – Dog licks and scratches can cause Covid19. Truth – Dogs are not susceptible to Covid19

Dogs are affectionate beings. They show their love through licks and hugs. Too much excitement and jumping around can often cause a slight scratch on human skin from their claws and teeth. However, these scratches and licks cannot cause CoronaVirus infection in humans.

As being told repeatedly that dogs cannot get infected with this particular strain of CoronaVirus, so the chances of the infection being spread from a dog’s lick are impossible.

Doh wearing a mask

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  • Myth – Masks can prevent the dog from acquiring coronavirus infection Truth – Canines are safe from the infection.

While humans are being told to wear a mask at all times mandatorily to battle the spread of Covid19, it is not the same for dogs. Dogs cannot catch the infection spread by this virulent agent. So it is not mandatory to make your pet wear a mask at all times. 

However, since surface contamination from humans is possible, it is best to prevent the dog from nearing any sick or unknown person and always keep their body covered with a poncho or coat while walking outside.

Dogs and cats are innocent beings caught up in the wild race of myth and rumors during these strenuous times of the Covid19 pandemic. However, in case you have a pet at home, it is important for you to know what the truth is rather than believing the word of mouth forecasts and wordings.

Since the infection began to spread, the number of abandoned and killed pets and strays have increased to a great extent. To prevent these inhuman cruel acts, it is important to spread the right words and debunk the rumors flying around.

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