What’s the Reason of Increasing Obesity in Dogs, and How to Solve it

Dogs are adorable pets and love to eat all kinds of food. Majority of dog lovers enjoy the idea of spoiling their dogs with food, and this is very unhealthy. High consumption of calories can utterly affect dogs’ health, it reduces their ability to be lively, flexible and fast. Excessive feeding of dogs makes them lazy, inactive, and unable to run; this is what leads to dog obesity.

Obesity is a nutritional disease caused by uncontrolled consumption of food, especially foods that are rich in carbohydrates. This disease is detrimental to dog health; it makes their body vulnerable and prone to certain dangerous diseases. When a dog is suffering from obesity, it becomes difficult for such dog to live a normal dog life, even when the dog is moderately overweight.

Consequently, obesity has the potential to shorten the life-span of dogs. Dogs suffering from obesity should be cared for, to avoid sudden death. Research has shown that obesity is more prominent in middle-aged dogs than younger and older dogs, though, obesity attack dogs of all ages –the younger and older dogs are not left out. So, measures should be taken to ensure that obese dogs do not remain caged in this terrible condition. This will, in turn, help the dog’s mental and physical health, and also save the owner a lot of stress.

Donuts and Bagel

Food may not be the only cause of obesity in dogs, recent studies show that certain dogs’ breeds have high chances of becoming obese –this is due to their genetic make-up and their inability to resist food. This unique species of dog have been found to possess a high appetite for foods, unlike other Canines, the example of these species include the spaniels and Labradors.

Obesity is not only prominent in humans, but it is equally suffered by animals, and pets are more liable to be obese than any other domestic or wild animal. Obesity in dogs is mainly inspired by poor dieting and lack of body exercise. Dogs should be kept agile and fit, it is in the owner’s interest to create an exercise schedule for his four-legged friend, this will help improve the health state of the dog and keep her far from becoming overweight.

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However, sickness in dogs can also inspire obesity, when a dog suffers from arthritis, she naturally withdraws from physical exercise, and when her physical activity is minimized, obesity begins to set in.

The earlier the disease is treated, the better. When your dog falls sick, don’t delay her treatment, make haste and ensure that necessary medical measures are taken to cure the sickness, because obesity is bound to visit if your dog persists in her habit of continually resting on the floor.

Common dog obesity symptoms

  1. Addition of Weight
  2. Excess body fat
  3. Laziness or unwillingness to exercise
  4. High blood pressure

Obesity is often as a result of negligence; dog owners must make a conscious effort in placing their dogs in the right diet plan. You can consult a veterinarian to guide you through this process or visit any pet food store near you, they will help you create a diet plan and the techniques of incorporating healthy nutrients into their meals.

dog obesity symptoms

The best way to keep dogs away from being overweight is by controlling what they eat; closely monitor the dog and ensure she does not go out of her way eating other unhealthy meals. Unhealthy food can get the dog sick and when they contract illness, their body becomes weak and prone to more illness like heart failures, diabetes, and blood pressure disease.

If your dog is currently exhibiting this lazy attitude, not to worry, there is always a way out. We have curated easy workable ways of caring for dogs and keeping them out of being overweight.

Earlier, we mentioned that dogs are at their best when kept under active exercise routine, on the other hand, they become weak, lazy and vulnerable when allowed to consume more calories.

Dog Biting Rope

Dogs don’t just get overweight overnight, there is a measure of calories that brings about body breakdown in dogs, obesity is often caused by accumulation or congestion of un-burnt fats in the organ.

The treatment process will help you understand how obesity can be combated. To get the desired result, you are advised to follow these steps exactly.

  1. Set a daily target for your dog; to stop obesity in dogs, you need to increase their activity level, keep the dog busy with exercise and watch her burn those calories. You can take the dog out on a walk every day, find the time that is most appropriate for you, you can schedule a morning walk, or an evening exercise, whichever works for you.
  2. Stop the dog from eating foods that contain excess fat and carbohydrates; look for alternative meals with lesser calories. See that the dog’s caloric intake is controlled.
  3. Visit a vet for a proper diagnosis. Ensure that the dog takes her medication as prescribed. Your veterinarian can assist you in creating a diet plan for the dog, plus recommendations on how you can control caloric intake of the dog.
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Recommended Dietary Plan

It is advised that you go for the veterinarian recommendations. Although, we recommend that you try dietary protein. Dietary protein has helped a lot of dogs regain wellness, this is because proteins stimulate metabolism, and releases energy to the dog. Proteins also give this great feeling of fullness, when dogs take in proteins; they can stay a long time without feeling hungry. Fiber can also give dogs that satisfaction feeling, but they do not supply as much energy as proteins.

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Exercise Plan:

  • You are advised to consult a vet before subjecting your dog to any physical exercise; the veterinarian should be able to tell whether your dog is fit for exercise. Certain diseases like arthritis or heart disease can also hinder dogs from engaging in physical exercise, so this illness needs to be treated first. But if your dog does not have any of these diseases, you can move on to the exercise level.We recommend that you take your dog on a Leash walk, maybe a 20-30 minutes leash walk, twice a day, this will go a long way in improving the health of the dog.
  • Feel free to attempt other games like the fetch game. This game keeps the dog busy running about, trying to fetch whatever you throw at her. At this stage, don’t forget to monitor the progress of the dog’s health, and when you do, communicate accordingly to the veterinarian. With time, you will begin to feel the joy of watching your little puppy bask in sound health.

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