Stray Dog was adopted by Hyundai Showroom in Brazil. Made him Car Sales Dog

A Stray Dog got adopted by Hyundai Showroom in Brazil. Made him Car Sales Dog

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Dogs have been a part of the Service industry for a long time. From being Therapy dog to sniffers in the bomb squad and assistance dogs to blind people, they are one of the best employees to have.

However this time the job title given to a dog has caught worldwide attention. Tucson Prime is an employee unlike any other. He is one of the star salesman or rather “sales dog” of a Hyundai showroom in Brazil.

No, this is no hoax or fake news. Armed with an ID card of his own, Tucson has the double duty of welcoming the buyers into the shop and guiding them towards the best car model to choose from.

Stray Dog was adopted by Hyundai Showroom in Brazil. Made him Car SalesDog

For a few months, a stray young dog was seen roaming in and around the very posh and sophisticated Hyundai showroom. The stray seems to be happy seeing the employees of the showroom and often greeted them with a wagging tail and happy whimper.

The friendly vibe and sweet nature of the dog had the employees worried for its future as strays and mongrels are known to be picked and killed by dog snatchers quiet often. Thus they decided to make the dog a part of the showroom team.

He was officially named Tucson Prime and was also given an original PhotoTag by Hyundai. In addition to living within the showroom and being taken care of by the people, Tucson now has the job of welcoming new clients to the showroom with a warm smile and a happy wagging body.

After this interesting and heartwarming news was shared via Social media handle of the Hyundai showroom, it has garnered over 30,000 likes within hours and has been shared over 10,000 times. Tucson now also has his very own social media account with over 30 thousand followers.

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