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“Can you find the dog” - The owner took 10 minutes to find her own dog hiding in plain sight.

“Can you find the dog?” The owner took 10 minutes to find her own dog hiding in plain sight

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The year 2020 has been the most memorable and happy time for most of the pets worldwide. Given the pandemic caused global lockdown, while humans had to stay and work from home, pets finally got to be with their beloved humans 24/7.

However keeping these lovely cuddle buddies busy, active and happy was a challenge for most pet owners. That’s how new and innovative challenges and games began to be created. From barricade challenge to invisibility challenge, people began to make videos and share through social media.

Hiding in plain sight and waiting for their owners to find them seems to be the favorite game of these pets. “Hide and seek” games’ videos were some of the viral videos posted by pet owners in an attempt of help for finding their cats and pugs hiding away.

Can You Spot

The latest in the trend is a Beagle. The owner of a boisterous and naughty beagle posted a very funny video that has been trending worldwide for over a day. According to her, she had spent 10 minutes trying to find her beagle all over the house frantically until she reached her bedroom.

It took her a long time to finally spot where her beagle was hiding. She posted the picture with the caption” Spot the dog” on her Reddit account to only find some of the most hilarious responses. While some were able to spot the dog immediately, most played with the guessing game in the comment section.

“Can you find the dog” - The owner took 10 minutes to find her own dog hiding in plain sight. (1)

However, when she finally revealed where the Beagle exactly laid hidden, netizens could not stop laughing. Tucked away under the haphazard bedsheet, the beagle had a tiny part of her snout protruding out from under the cover. Most people could not believe how a dog could lay so still and unresponsive for such a long time until the owner finally decided to get hold of it.

This viral episode once again was a clear indicator of why we all need pets in our lives.

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