Perfect Hypoallergenic Long coat Dog breeds for Dog Lovers

Perfect Hypoallergenic Long coat Dog breeds for Dog Lovers

How many times have your parents said no to your request for a dog because of the shedding? Or how many times have you badly wanted to get yourself a dog, but allergy made it impossible?

Dogs are perhaps the most loving and social beings other than humans and dolphins. Since having a pet dolphin is not possible, the next option is, of course, a dog. However, in most cases, the reason for rejecting the idea of bringing a dog home is because of the excessive fur it sheds.

a man brushing the hair of is golden retriever dog on the street.

Long Coat Dog Breeds are often beautiful to look at, but most do not choose to get them for fear of excessive shedding. Unknown to many, many big dogs don’t shed despite the long coat. These low shedding dogs hardly shed any fur and are completely fine to stay with people who are allergic to dog fur.

Often referred to as hypoallergenic dogs, these dogs may vary in shape and size, and their coat also tends to vary in length and thickness. Based on the dog breed and info available, the best long coat dog breeds that rarely shed includes –

A black Scottish Terrier standing on the grass
Scottish Terrier

1.  Scottish terrier – One of the small long-haired dogs, Scottish terrier are an excellent watchdog with strong personality traits. Ideally suited for apartment living, they are an excellent company for families. However, they need to be socialized well as they do not get well with other dogs. Minimal shedding and drooling make them perfect for people who have health issues.

Chocolate colored Irish Water Spaniel standing
Image credits: – Irish Water Spaniel

2.  Irish Water Spaniel – The massive curly-haired fur ball may seem intimidating and very bushy at first look. However, this rare breed is one of the oldest non-shedding dogs of a mid-size range. Known for their loving, brave, and very playful nature, they are expert swimmers and have a high affinity towards water, regardless of where and how the water is.

Lhasa apso dog running
Lhasa Apso

3.  Lhasa Apso – One of the most beautiful long-haired small dogs, this breed is an excellent watchdog. Very good as a companion, the race does require regular grooming, but sheds less hair than most other breeds. They may seem detached at first glance, but that is because of their inborn tendency to be at guard towards anyone other than its immediate family.


4.  Labradoodle – One of the most popular cross breeds, Labradoodle is perfect for people who are allergic to fur but loves Poodles and Labradors. Resistant to shedding, labradoodle is a highly energetic and playful breed. Their overly friendly attitude makes them perfect for families with kids, a however poor choice in case you want a watch and guard dog.

Australian Silky Terrier

5.  Australian Silky Terrier – A beautiful breed with a long silky hair coat, it is easy to be confused with a Yorkshire Terrier. One of the best hypoallergenic dogs, Australian Silky Terrier, is taller and has an athletic build due to their love for hunting small games. This active breed is more of a watchdog than a lap dog, despite its beautiful outer appearance.

Shih Tzu

6.  Shih Tzu – One of the best dogs for apartment living, Shih Tzu, is a long-haired dog breed that rarely sheds. Loyal, outgoing, and affectionate are the first visible trait in this beautiful breed. However, they are excellent watchdogs and are known to be very ferocious when faced with intruders and strangers. To prevent matting or hair clots, grooming them 3 to 4 times a week is necessary.

Bouvier des Flandres

7.  Bouvier des Flandres – This is one of those rare big dogs that don’t shed. Originally bred for herding and guarding cattle, BDF has a very powerful and rugged built. But this breed is known for their very loyal and protective nature. With absolutely no shedding, they are easy to maintain and great for allergic individuals. Being a brilliant breed, they are easy to train and are often a crowd favorite in Dog shows.

Tibetan Terrier

8.  Tibetan Terriers – A very gentle and loving breed, Tibetan Terriers are mid-size dogs with shaggy long and non-shedding coats. Being watchdogs, they are perfect if you have multiple kids at home and need constant vigilance. Suitable for apartment living, Tibetan Terriers do need quarterly haircut and grooming.


9.  Barbet – This mid-size water dog breed has a thick, dense, curly long-haired coat. Similar to Poodles in a particular aspect, look wise, these dogs are highly intelligent hunting dogs, so they need a lot of daily exercises. Though this breed does not shed hair, however, tufts of hair do come off when brushed. Perfect for children and elders alike, Barbets need constant attention to maintain a healthy temperament.

Bichon Frise.

10.  Bichon Frise – These cute tiny fur-balls are the most attractive long-haired small dogs. Ideally regarded as lap dogs, they are affectionate and very playful. Though the breed hardly sheds any hair, they do need grooming every 4 to 8 weeks. Perfect for families living in apartments, they are great as a company and require minimum exercise.

Image credits: DOGSNSW – Havanese

11.  Havanese – This rare Cuban breed is a descendant of the now-extinct Bichon Tenerife Family. This long-coated non-shedding small dog is a very funny, highly intelligent, and very outgoing breed. Easy to train, Havanese is a familiar face in dog shows and competitions. A very social kind, Havanese do not survive long hours being alone as they need constant attention.

Image credits: – Afghan Hound

12.  Afghan Hound – A very ancient breed that originated in Afghanistan, Afghan Hound is a beautiful combination of an athletic built and long silky, flowing hair train. This magnificent beauty is an elegant personality and a highly independent nature. Afghan Hounds may be an intelligent and exotic breed, but they are also known for being very affectionate towards families and kids alike.

Image credits: – Komondor

13.  Komondor – A large breed with a long coat that tends to form dreadlocks, Komondor is also known as Hungarian Sheepdog. This independent natured large breed seldom sheds and is perfect for herding and guarding cattle. Suitable for large open space living, they are very calm and rational in temperament. Despite their enormous size and guard dog nature, they are often very gentle and loving towards kids.

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Besides these most commonly seen Hypoallergenic breeds, some of the other non-shedding breeds include Brussels Griffon, Chinese Crested, Schnauzer, Border terrier, Basenji, Rajpalayam, Maltese, Bedlington terrier, Romagnolo, etc.

Adopting a dog only makes life much more exciting and fun. These long-coated hypoallergenic breeds are great for people who love dogs, but the fear of allergy and shedding keeps them away from adopting one.

Check the list of fantastic no shedding dog breeds and choose the right one who fits your lifestyle and personality the best.

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